Minutes for March 20, 2012 meeting

*Members in attendance 62.

**Fred Cammack- Tullahoma, TN, Zeke Davis- Cowan, TN, Jerry Mize- Huntsville, AL

New Members:
Diane Weibert & James (Zeke) Davis.  Andy Weaver has re-joined.

President Vince Zaccardi called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

*Sign the Super Door Prize List
*General meeting always on the third Tuesday of each month
*Carvers meeting are always the first Saturday of each month
*A clipboard was passed around for new ideas for addition seminars and events.
*Vince Zaccardi reminded everyone to use the forum for new announcements and updated information.

* Doyle McConnell spoke of the Murfreesboro club extending their shop tours to our members. Members will meet at the Cracker Barrel in Manchester to eat breakfast and then carpool to Jay Hazel shop. There are 3 other shops slated for this tour.
*Tom Cowan spoke how successful the workshop was on Inlaying wood on wood. This workshop was held on March 10 and had 2 students from the University of Sewanee in attendance. There were a total of 6 people in attendance for this workshop.
**Ralph Hand’s family acknowledged receiving the $50.00 memorial fund and was very appreciative of it.
*There are still a couple pieces of the Baltic Birch plywood available to the membership.
*Vince Zaccardi said that he still have a few Box Elder turning blanks available.
* A club survey is being drawn up to be presented to the club membership in the near future. It has been several years since the last survey was completed.


*Tom Cowan will have a seminar at his shop in April. Details for the seminar have not been completely worked out at this time.
*Plans are being made for a Fall Seminar.

Club events:
*Panoply will be held in Huntsville, Ala on April 26-29 it will be open to the public on April 27-29. Greg Myers spoke about a schedule of events.
*Picnic will be held in May 26
*Turning Bee will be held June 30
*Coffee County Fair will be held the week of September 17 thru 22.
*Christmas party will be held on December 7
*Exposition will be in the spring (April or May) of 2013. Dan Maher is looking for a venue at this time.

Carvers Event:
*Meetings are held at Phil Bishops shop the 1st Saturday of each month
*Smithsonian Institution event is going on at this time.
*Cornbread Festival will be at the April 28-29 at South Pittsburg, TN.
*Dogwood Festival will be held on May 4-6
*Polly Crockett Festival will be held on September 14-16
*Huntsville show will be in December

There was no old Business
There was no new Business

The Program for the meeting was a presentation by John Lucas from Tennessee Tech. pertaining Photography.
Mr. Lucas utilized the aspect of photographing wood projects for magazine entries and other types of presentations. He stressed the use of a tripod in order to create clear sharp pictures. He demonstrated the use of lighting and shadowing effects on an object being photographed. This could make the difference in an objects detailed work being highlighted or hidden. Mr. Lucas explained the use of a number of light source being used and using different types of light filters and shades to create the desired effect on the object. Light had to be defused and soften a lot of time to bring out the details of an object. He explained how shadows created texture. He spoke of the use of using a gray background material to high light the object that was being photograph.
The overall program could be very helpful for a member who wishes to photograph their work for magazine or entries for shows.
Mr. John Lucas can be reached at:
Tenn. Tech Photo Service 1-931-372-3305

Show and Tell for the March meeting:
Loyd Ackerman- displayed nested bowls made from Maple and a vase made from Hackberry with 8 coats of lacquer for the finish.
Vince Zaccardi- showed items made by John Harton, which included a bowl made from Box Elder that he had repaired by using coffee grounds and white glue, these bowls were only about 1/8” in thickness.
Mickey Knowles- displayed 2 bowls that he had made from spaulded maple and a vase from spaulded Maple.
Doyle McConnell-showed nested bowls made of Walnut along with 2 vases. He stated that there had been a lot of sanding to obtain the desired finish he was wanting.
Jim Van Cleave- displayed a relief carving of a flower that he had created by using Basswood and Cherry.
Ross Roepke- displayed a mahogany 2 drawer table that he had made for his grandson.
Bob Reese- showed a walnut box that he had created with 2 roses inlayed on the lid and side of the box. The inlaying was done by using box elder.
Jay Hazel- had a box made from Baltic birch to hold cans using the Fi-Fo system. He also displayed a pepper mill and a rolling pin made form elm with a Celtic design on it. He also had created a gunstock made form mesquite wood. It was finished with tunge oil and beeswax oil.
Chuck Taylor- had created 2 keepsake boxes made of cherry wood. One had a box elder top and the other had a walnut burl top. He had used several coats of lacquer to finish both boxes.
Dick Wollam- showed a driftwood stump that he had used a pressure washer and flap sander on. He then sprayed a mat finish on it.
Bob Addington- showed 2 spaulded sycamore bowls and a spaulded maple vase that he had made.