Minutes for January 17, 2012 meeting

 Members Present -- 55


**Dan Sweet of Normandy, TN., David Brown of Normandy, TN. and       Danny Skelton

New Members:

    *Dan Sweet

 President Vince Zaccardi called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM


            *Sign the Super Door Prize List

            *General meeting always on the third Tuesday of each month

            *Carvers meeting are always the first Saturday of each month

*Vince passed a clipboard around asking for volunteers for shop tours.  Doyle McConnell spoke of the benefits or the tours and mentioned that some members may be drafted for shop tours to encourage this event.

*A clipboard was passed around for new ideas for addition seminars and events.

*Loyd Ackerman reminded all members to use the “Forum” as it was a great source of club information and announcements. 



*Ron Reimers is creating a Flute Circle at Tom Cowan’s workshop.  Not only will member learn how to create Indian flute but they will also be able to learn how to play them.  First meeting of the “Flute Circle”, will be held January 21 from 4 – 6 PM.  Members are encouraged to contact Ron Reimers if they are interested



*The first seminar of the year is being held at Henry Davis’s shop.  This is the Longworth Chuck workshop.  Loyd Ackerman spoke of the benefits of the Longworth Chuck and what a great asset it would be to any bowl turner in the club.  Loyd also informed the membership that an addition workshop of this type would be held in the future if there were enough members interested in it.

*Additional seminars will be held in the spring and fall if the membership can present the club with ideas.


Club events:

*Panoply will be held in Huntsville, Ala at the end of April; additional information of this event is being requested

            *Picnic will be held in mid-May

            *Turning Bee will be held the beginning of June

            *Coffee County Fair will (hopefully) be held the 3rd week of September

            *Christmas party will be held in mid December

            *Exposition will be in the spring (April or May) of 2013


Carvers Event:

            *Meetings are held at Phil Bishops shop the 1st Saturday of each month

*Smithsonian Institution event will be held in March addition information is being sought pertaining to this event

            *Cornbread Festival will be at the end of April

            *Dogwood Festival will be held in early May

            *Polly Crockett Festival will be held in mid- September

            *Huntsville show will be in November


There was no old Business

There was no new Business


The Program for the meeting was “Sharpening Blades” by Kenneth Daniels.  Mr. Daniels was introduced to the meeting by Paul Fulks.  This was a very interesting program pertaining to the sharpening of all types of saw blades and router bits.  He is also able to replace carbide teeth in blades and sharpen Forrester bits.  Safety was stressed by always having sharp tools.  He explained how a finger nail was one of the best devices to see if a blade was sharp or not.  Mr. Daniels can be contacted as follows:

                        2007 Ovoca Rd

                        Tullahoma, TN.  37388

                        Cell phone:  931/247-4753


Show and Tell for the January meeting:

Jim Everett- displayed 2 cabinet doors where he created a water scenery of cat tails and a frog intarsia on them.  This was for a client of his who was having all their cabinet doors done with intarsia.  So far he had completed 13 doors.

Jay Hazel- showed small bowl made from an Elm tree that had been blown down from a tornado that hit the Stones River Battle Ground Park in Murfreesboro, TN.  He also had a staved bowl made of curly cherry and a small bowl from a piece of cut off hickory.

Mickey Knowles- made a vase alone with a bowl with a fitted lid.

Doyle McConnell- had made 2 vases from some spalded maple that a neighbor had given.   A lacquer finish was used on both of them.

Jim Van Cleave- displayed a cherry magazine rack that he had made several years ago.  There was a great deal of turned spindle work in creating this rack.  He also had a carver flower that took him 4 ½ hours to complete.

Ross Roepke- showed a cutting board of segmented woods, made by a lady in a mill.  He also had a piece of Carpatan Elm Burr that he had mounted a piece of wood.

Gary Runyon- had made a shoulder plane from Ebony Mesquite the first one he made went into the scrape pile.

Bob Addington- had used his CNC machine to carve a recessed treble clef in a 7” diameter, the name Kayla and praying hands in a7’ diameter.  This was all done on a ¾ x 12 x 40” piece of Purple Heart lumber.

Dan Sweet- was showing a piece of Purple Heart that Bob Addington had carved on his CNC machine.  This was going to be used for the front of a chest along with a boarder of canary wood that he is making for his granddaughter.  The rest of the chest will be made of walnut that was obtained from Milner Carden.

Phil Bishop- was displaying a bowl turned from spalded holly alone with a bed leg turned from old growth walnut topped with a knob of Osage-orange.

Jim Jolliffe- showed a face that was wood burned and a piece of basswood.  He had traced the face onto the wood using carbon paper then used a wood burner.

Loyd Ackerman- displayed a Longfellow chuck that he had created.  It was used to create interest in the Longworth workshop being held at Henry Davis’s workshop on January 21, 2012.