Minutes for December 20, 2011 meeting

55 in attendance

**Bill Myers of Estill Springs; Ross Zorn of Madison Ala; Ed Brown of Fla; Irene Kuhn

President Vince Zaccardi called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM

* Sign Super Door Prize list circulating
* General meetings always the third Tuesday
* Carvers meeting always the first Saturday
* Give ideas for programs; shop tours; Seminars/Workshops; other activities
o Loyd Ackerman (acting for Doyle McConnell) described shop tours to new members and asked for volunteers

Vince acknowledged the successful Christmas Party and recognized
o Richard Gulley for coordinating with his church and the music
o Karen Browning and her crew for the decoration and setup of the party
o Richard and Scott Tinker for leading the singing

Vince announced Jim Everett’s winning of the Grand Door Prize and presented him with the gift card
New members and those whose photos haven’t been added to the roster were asked to see Chuck Taylor to get them at the break.
Dan Maher is the chair of the 2013 Exhibition (Maybe April 2013
There is a sawmill in Lascasses with lumber 615-273-4084 or 248-797-5545
Asked members to make use of the Forum and out website !!
Old Business? None
New Business? Scott Short described how to rejuvenate Ni-Cad batteries and promised to put a link on the forum for others.
** Bill Meyers is discontinuing wood working due to chronic back problems and is putting all his Shop Smith equipment and tools up for sell. He is located in Estill Springs, TN..

December Super Show and Tell

Tom Cowan -- Photos of his 2011 work which included: Two chests made for client with an image of her house inlayed and with her daughter’s initials in each. Other photos: Tea table; candle stand; drop leaf tea table; Art&Crafts table; Cellarette; Ky Sugar chest; Ky Sugar desk; Thomas Jefferson tall desk; occasional table; Charles Roth desk; display case. Tom discussed his work on some of the photos.
Matt Brothers – Art & Crafts Oak Display cabinet with flocking in the drawers
Henry Davis – Book rack he made about 40 years ago. A Koa bowl he purchased while in Hawaii in 1999 along with a discussion on the leafing of the Koa tree.
Bob Leonard – Carved ducks (which are a comfort to rub – kind of like worry beads). Holder for carving knives made from spring clips and leather. Bob discussed using a hand mirror to check to see if eyes on a carving are aligned.
Vince Zaccardi – Three walnut platters. He discussed how he held them for turning and discussed his spraying experience.
Mike Layfield – A cutting board from a kit he’s is making for Christmas and an Oak pencil holder.
Jim Everett – Cedar plaques; a book stand for his show booth made from natural limb and plywood; a collapsible table. He discussed his work with cedar and difficulty in finding darker shades.
Sharon Wright – Flowers (mounted on some media) that she makes from wood shavings. A week pot that she made from a special piece of wood.
Crotia Roberson – Showed and discussed some walking toys she had acquired.
Newton Wright – Showed and discussed a Mobious strip sculpture he made from Bradford pear. He dyed it and finished it with polyurethane.
Felix Rees (Tom Cowan represented Felix) – A clock that had been displayed at the Christmas Party.
Bob Addington – A book Rack similar to one he gave away at the Christmas party; a name plaque he made for a granddaughter; a sign made with inscription made with CNC machine.
John Hartin – Large maple bowl made from 4 foot diameter maple tree; bowl made with spalted beech; some giveaway bowl blanks for members to take.
Gary Runyon --- Floats for making joints fit – especially for making wooden planes; Walnut ornaments.
Scott Short – a platter made from colorful Box Elder and finished with lacquer.
Bob Reese – Inside out turnings he made based on information he got from the forum. He described his experience with breaking some and his analysis for the cause.
Paul Jalbert – A sailing ship made by his son. He discussed the process and the benefits of the project.
Allan Odell – A gaff hook fashioned after those used by Alaskans for scooping fish from the water into a boat.
Ken Burgess – A collection of whimsical dwelling carvings made from bark and a description on the process used; a nest of bowls made from a “holy red maple” tree harvested from his church yard.
Joseph Maierbacker – A bowl from an interesting piece of wood; a clock made using machine tool parts.
Jim VanCleave – Walnut serving tray made in 1992. He described trying to turn it outboard on a lathe and that he finally hollowed it out with a router.
Ross Roepke – A walnut and butternut occasional table which he’ll donate.
Loyd Ackerman – A hard maple box made for his son to carry a break-down bow. A PowerPoint presentation on making a ‘writing desk’ using a Sketchup design process. And a commercial for Sketchup.
Wayne Ison – A propeller from a WW-1 aircraft that his wife bought for him many years ago.
Anthony Watts – Walnut table with turned legs still a work in progress. His experience with a tree he harvested through the making of a piece of furniture.
Ron Reimers – Indian flutes he made using his new lathe. A discussion of the making process. He played a short tune on one of them.
Greg Myers – A rack for his daughter’s karate trophies; pepper mills out of maple for Christmas presents; wine bottle stoppers.
Jim Jolliffe – Deep relief wood carving from bass wood.
Loyd Ackerman – A PowerPoint presentation on the Longworth chuck, announcing a workshop to be conducted in the coming months, and making a commercial for the Club’s Forum.