TVW Minutes March 15, 2011

Tennessee Valley Woodworkers met March 15, 2011 at the Aerospace Institute in Tullahoma, TN.

Vince Zaccardi, president called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Guests: Shelton Jones

New members: Eric and Shirley Saunders


A review of upcoming events was presented and a note that the date for the turning bee would have to be changed due to a conflict.  It is now set for June 11th. 

Doyle McConnell encouraged everyone to attend the shop tours which will be Saturday, March 19th..  Interested members should meet at Shoney’s in Manchester at 8 A.M. The group then goes to Doyle’s Shop and to learn how he makes veneer.   The next stop will be at the shop of Loyd Ackerman.  Loyd stated that if you would like to veneer a top for a box to please bring a 12”x12”x¼” piece of plywood.  He will demonstrate the use of a vacuum bag system to adhere the veneer to the stratum. The final stop will be at the shop of Chuck Taylor.

Tom Cowan encouraged everyone that is interested in the Gilding workshop to register with him.  This workshop will be April 2nd at Tom’s shop in Cowan.  The cost of the course will be $40 and will last approximately 8 hours.  Scott Tinker, Woodcraft store in Chattanooga, will be teaching and each participant will have the opportunity for “hand- on” experience.  Scott brought examples of his work and talked about the uses of gilding in woodworking projects.

April 16th Paul Fults will host the spring Seminar.  This Seminar will feature the following topics:

·        Turning Peppermills - Doyle McConnell

·        18th Century Furniture Carving - Phil Bishop

·        Wooden Boxes (Keepsake or Memory) - Henry Davis

·        Milk Paint - TBD

·        HVLP Spraying - TBD

The club has been invited to participate in the Huntsville, Al. Panoply Arts Festival scheduled for the weekend of April 28th.  If interested see him.

Dixie Woodwork will be closing shop.  All equipment will be sold, either as a whole or by the piece.  See the Website for information.

Old Business:  none

New Business:  none

Show & Tell: 

Loyd Ackerman showed pictures of a tree trunk with branches which he had constructed for the Manchester Arts Center.  This is being used to honor those donors who have contributed to the development of this venue.  Engraved leaves will be attached with names of those giving financial support.

Geoff Roehm played a Ukulele which he had made using woods of mahogany and ebony.

Doyle McConnell displayed 2 vases he had turned from Red Maple.  This was from wood BRC brought to the Coffee County Fair. The vases were finished with lacquer.

Bob Addington recently acquired a CNC Router.  He displayed some of his efforts in learning to use this machine and associated software. He showed a 3-D carving he had made for his granddaughter.  Maple cutting boards and other things now sell at Foot Hills in Manchester.

Ross Roepke brought 2 interesting wooden birds he had bought at a yard sale.

Bob Reese brought 2 violins he had just finished.  The first one he showed was started last July and embellished by Harry Kellogg of Bell Buckle with India ink applied over varnish prior to Bob’s final clear coat finish. The second one is #33.  A friend from FL had carved a Lion’s head which he used as a decorative accent.  His wife, Rheta demonstrated the beautiful sound of these instruments.  Bob has been making violins for 21 years. 

Jim Everett brought an intarsia plaque which he had made as a gift.  The wood used was retrieved from a barn which he had torn down for the recipient.  It depicted the barn and was to be finished prior to presentation.

Scott Short showed a plate that he had hand carved for a 90th birthday celebration.  It was made of cherry and finished with lacquer and measured 11 ½”.

Allen Odell brought a 3-dog sled that his daughter used in years past for racing.  He also showed his carved Halibut lures made from alder and deer bone.

Richard Gulley displayed an interesting bird house which is to be attached to his shop.  It was made of cedar and depicted a hand plane.

Ralph Hand shared his knowledge of making pulls/knobs without the use of a lathe.  His creations were made with a hole-saw and drill press.

Following a break, the club was treated with a program by Mike Brumfield of Sparta on the art of Chain Saw Carving.  The examples of his work were on display.  This was followed by a brief showing by an artist friend, Dennis Caruso, also of Sparta.  His unique use of wood scraps to create doors and furniture were on display.

The meeting was adjourned.