TVW Minutes


Pat Addington, wife of Mike Addington
Ron Tricket

New Members

Steve Weber, Josh Weber, Leigh Weber and Martha Street


• Henry reported that videos of past club presentations are now on line
• Members are reminded to pay dues
• Tom Cowan reminded the members that he is in the process of developing workshops and he would appreciate notification of any special interest that anyone may have.
• Doyle McConnell announced that Shop Tours will begin in March on the Saturday following the March meeting. Additional information will be presented at the next club meeting.
• The members were reminded to sign the attendance sheet each meeting for the Grand Prize give away at the Christmas party.
• Due to conflicts the date of the Turning Bee is changed from the first weekend in June to an undetermined date. Help sought for this event by Tom Cowan.

• Art Briskse announced that there have been revisions to the Honor Flights for Veterans. See him for details.
• Sign up for the spring seminar will be at the March meeting..
• Please wear Name Tags!
• Upcoming events as shown on the web site
• In anticipation of upcoming programs Vince noted that the club had invited the curator of the TN State Museum to present a program and also Mike Brumfield, a chain saw artist for one.    

Karen Browning has 100+ year old bead-board and other wood to give away.

Old Business: none

New Business: none

Show and Tell

• Tom Gillard displayed the tongue that he had made for a scout’s chariot race where the boys were to use a barrel and develop a chariot. He also displayed a film clip of the competition.
• The other item that he showed was a binary adding machine which he made for the challenge of the project.
• Loyd Ackerman brought a small plant stand which he made with a removable insert of Corian. He had been inspired by a Victorian stand purchased by his wife. It was constructed from sugar maple and in the process of being finished with sanding sealer and lacquer.
• Jim Van Cleave displayed a carving of the Sons of the American Revolution Seal. He had taken the seal from a letterhead and enlarged it to provide an accrete pattern.
• Greg Myers showed a curly maple clock. This was the eighth one that he had made.
• Doyle McConnell showed small items and encouraged members to use all their scraps as they enjoyed their wood working. Among the items were bottle stoppers, purse hangers, trinket box and a small bowl.
• Ross Roepke brought a stool that he had made for the fund raiser Motlow College.
• Bob Leonard displayed two board carvings of cabin scenes. He indicated that he was learning as he progressed along especially how to mix and use his paints
• Kevin Deuermeyer showed a clock that he had made using a pattern that recently appeared in a woodworker’s magazine. It used cherry, maple and walnut boards in the construction.
• Karen Browning brought the first bowl that she made back in 2002 from a piece of cedar firewood. She stated that she hoped to get back into turning soon.
• Mike Addington brought several twisted limbs for “give away”.


Alf Sharp, well know furniture maker and artist was presented. He shared several of his creations via video noting that we are often inspired by creations from years gone by. The first item was a coffee table which was an original design. The block front chest was an inspiration from an East Massitus secretary. The clock was results of inspiration from a French clock. It was walnut burl with holly stringing. A rocker of Tiger Maple had a rolled scroll seat and a carving of a hen and 3 chicks. The side board took its inspiration from a 19th century “Biedermeier Secretary”. It was made of Cherry, Rosewood and Ebony. Also shown was a Queen Anne style Tiger Maple Clock. There were two tables inspired by the Neo Classical era. A game table and a bench he had made from the Oak Tree under which was the battle of King Mountain. This table is presently in the office of the Governor’s wife. The club was honored with viewing a special commission table he made from the stump of a tree which was removed from the lawn of the Governor’s Mansion. This was a gift from Mrs. Bredeson to her husband as he departed the office of Governor.
Questions were entertained and a demonstration proper use of hand tools as he cut a mortis and tendon joint. He encouraged members to retain their skill in using hand tools.