TVWW Monthly Meeting Minutes


September 21, 2010


Tom Cowan called the meeting to order at 7:00p.m.


Guests & Visitors:

The club recognized and welcomed the following individuals as guests:

            James Perry

            Bob Walley

            Howard Wright (joined as a new member)

            Zach Tucker

            George Alesic(spelling?)  He also donated many woodworking tapes to the membership


New Members:

            Ray Auclair

            Bob & Pam Blauner

            Ron Conley

Tom Cowan and Doyle McConnell encouraged members to come out and support the Coffee County fair. We should be there Monday, Wednesday and Thursday @ 4:00 and Friday and Saturday @ 1:00.  And please bring items for display.

Dan Maher Gave an overview of our upcoming 25th Anniversary celebration and explained the details of getting through the guard post at the Arnold Lakeside Club (formally called the Officer’s club).  The affair starts @ 5:00 with an open cash bar, dinner @6:00 and the program @7:00.


Carver’s Activities:

Tom Cowan praised the Carver’s for doing a great job of representing the club to the community.

The Carver’s were out in force at the Polly Crocket Festival and the Franklin County Fair and will be at the Bell Buckle Fair and have been invited to the Cornbread Festival in May.  The Carver’s also showed pictures of the Polly Crocket Festival.

Bob Addington encouraged all members to pick up and wear their nametags.  Bob also stated he emails new members info on accessing our website.

Old Business:  None

New Business:            None

Show & Tell:

Bob Reece displayed a couple of perfume pens for the ladies, and showed slides of a very elaborate flower carriage he built for a wedding.

Phil Bishop showed photos of the 9 foot tall display case that he built the walnut crown for.  Phil also commented on a coloration problem when adding an anti-fisheye compound to lacquer.

Henry Davis brought a maple case with two drawers that is used to hold the sanding disks used in his lathe work.

Wayne Ison showed a wooden clock from New Zealand that had be carbon dated to be many thousands of years old?.

Kevin Deuerrmeyer brought a walnut table which he finished with polyurethane.

Vince Zaccardi brought two bowls. One cherry and one apple wood which was much larger before it flew off the lathe.

Chuck Taylor showed a box elder bowl that had an exceptional lacquer finish.

Stanley Dunn had a Bradford pear bowl that he turned at the Coffee County Fair.

Geoff Roehm brought a dulcimer which he has refinished many times; he also played it for us.  He also brought a ukulele which was made from many exotic woods and also played that instrument as well.

Bob Addington brought a collection of 13 bowls, some walnut, maple and apple. He also thanked Paul Faulks for donating some of the wood to him.

Jay Hazel came with 3 maple stave bowls, one of which he gave to Stanley Dunn on behalf of the club for all of Stanley’s contributions to the club.  Jay also displayed several aspen leaves he carved a ‘while back’. And he showed a curly maple scarf ring.

Ross Roepke a Spanish maple table made with no mechanical fasteners so it can be disassembled for shipment.

Dick Wollam displayed a very impressive cedar root which was only wire brushed to clean it up but no carving was done.

Felix Rees showed a walnut lamp with a picture frame as part of the shaft.  He stated that bending the wiring around corners was a challenge.

Sharon Wright had a walnut Native American flute with a mahogany frog carved on it which she played for us.


Henry Davis introduced James Perry whose house Loyd and Henry had visited and filmed for this program.  James had logged and built most of this over the last 15 years.  Most of the furniture such as the entertainment center is unique and hand built.  Some of the beams in various rooms were about 140 years old.  This was an excellent program on an outstanding structure.