August 17, 2010


Tom Cowan called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Tom passed around a thank you card for members to sign.  Tom announced the club has donated a book to the Franklin County Library in memorial to former member Winfield Bennett. 


Guests & Visitors: 

The club recognized and welcomed the following individuals as guests:

·        Rex Clare

·        James Duncan

·        Ron Conley

·        Erie Tabor

·        Bob and Pam Blauner

·        Scott Tinker- School at Narrow Bridges in Chattanooga

·        Wayne Loveless- School at Narrow Bridges in Chattanooga


New Members: 

·        Bob and Pam Blauner

·        Ron Conley

·        Ray Auclair


Tom Cowan read an invitation from Tony Murphy (new member) requesting help on designing his new shop.  The shop layout session will be held on August 26 at 2 o’clock at his place in Winchester.


Old Business:

Doyle McConnell announced the club’s plans for the Coffee County Fair (September 20-26).  We will be at the Fair every night except for Tuesday night which is the regular club meeting date.  The club has a building that club members constructed on the fairground property.  Bob Reese is going to work on a violin during the fair.  Additionally we will have a scroll saw at the fair and someone will be cutting out letters. Others will be cutting out puzzles.  Other activities that are being planned include woodturning, turning tops, and carving ducks. 


Dan Maher brought the members up-to-date on the plans that had been made for 25th Anniversary Dinner which will be held on October 23 at the Officers Club.  There will be six different menus available for members to choose from.  Loyd Ackerman and Henry Davis are developing a video program and there will be a prize drawing.  The meal will cost $15.00 and tickets may be purchased from Bob Addington.   Names will need to be submitted for each person planning to attend in order to pass through the guard station on the AEDC property. 



Carvers Corner: 

The carvers meeting is held every 1st Saturday of the month at Phil Bishop’s Shop at 8:30 a.m.

The next exhibit will be held at the Franklin County Fair followed by the Polly Crockett Days and the Huntsville Show. 


New Business:

Bob Lenard brought in a number of copies of an article about moisture in wood for anyone interested. 


Show and Tell:

Geoff Roehm brought in a group of pictures displaying carvings which were done on the lead contained in pencils.  The amazing set of photographs have been making the rounds on the internet. 


Henry Davis displayed a wooden holder he made from maple for a dial indicator.  The holder allows him to set jointer blades utilizing a dial indicator.  This holder can be used to hold the dial indicator vertically or horizontally.  When used horizontally it can be used to check run-out on a saw blade.   When used vertically it can set router bit depth or the height of a saw blade.  The maple came from BRC in McMinnville.


Phil Bishop brought in a molding he was making for a large corner cabinet.  Phil explained that the way to make molding like this is by using the stack method.  Phil made this particular molding by staking seven pieces. 


Loyd Ackerman brought in two hollow vessels made from apple wood.   One had natural holes in it which made it a very unique piece.   The other vessel was made from soft maple.  Loyd donated one piece to the auction at AEDC.


Vince Zaccardi displayed three bowls he brought in; one was turned from maple, another from apple, and another from cherry.  Vince used a wax finish and polished the pieces.


Bob Addington bought in three cutting boards made from maple with walnut accents.  Bob has made 20 over the last few months.  The finish Bob applied on the cutting the boards was canola oil since the boards would come in contact with wood.


Doyle McConnell brought in a vessel he dyed from the inside out.  Doyle finished this tie dyed vessel with lacquer and then buffed it.  Doyle donated the vessel for the auction at AEDC. 

Doyle spoke briefly on segmented bowls.  Turning a segmented bowl is actually more of an exercise in joints rather than an exercise in turning.   (Note: There is an Excel spreadsheet on the club web site that assists in calculating angles for pieces for bowls.)


Karen Browning brought in a couple of old boards she got off of an old barn.  Karen planned down the board, (believe to be Chestnut)  to show some of the beautiful character of the wood.  She also offered to share with other members who needed a unique board or wood.


Tom Gillard displayed a candelabra he constructed, to be used in his Boy Scout activities.  The candelabra holds 12 shot glasses that serve as holders for 12 Votive candles. 


Ross Roepke built a unique table with a walnut center piece in the top. The sides were mortised to the top.  


Ralph Hand created a drop leaf table with walnut insets in the top between pieces of Bradford Pear. The hinges for the top were made from wood as were the supports Ralph designed to hold the folding top in place.  He finished the table with 3 coats of Danish Oil followed by polyurethane.  The figure on the walnut was outstanding.


Bob Leonard brought in an unusual carving he found at good will.  He also brought back a knife he displayed last month.  This month Bob created a wooden case for the wood knife that contains 15 different species of wood.



An excellent program was delivered by Scott Tinker and Wayne Loveless from the new woodworking school they have set up in Chattanooga.   The school has already scheduled a number of nationally known teachers and artisans.  They have set up a curriculum for this year which covers topics from the basics to the advanced.  Scott brought in a number of course curriculum books.   All the information for the school including courses that are being offered is available on the internet at


During the program Scott covered chisel sharpening, the how to chisel out a dovetail, and a number of other woodworking topics.