June 15, 2010


Tom Cowan called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Guests & Visitors: 

The club recognized and welcomed the following individuals as guests:

·        Donald Patton

·        Frank & Francis Pratt

·        Bennie Vincot

·        Wayne ?

·        Anne Fulks


The club welcomed new members Frank & Francis Pratt.


The club welcomed Stanley Dunn from BRC in McMinnville who brought a $25.00 gift certificate to the club.



Old Business:


Turning Bee to be at Tom Cowan’s Shop on June 19th:

Loyd Akerman presented a fast paced video made at Tom Cowan’s of the preparation of bowl blanks for the Turning Bee.  Thanks especially to Tom’s son who used his Timber King saw mill to cut slabs out of sugar maple logs. 


Johnnie Brown reminded members of the Turning Bee which will be held on Saturday, June 19th.  There should be ten lathes available for participants to use. 


Tom Cowan reviewed the spindle turning workshop which will be held on Friday, June 18th, the day before the turning bee. 


Falls Mill Picnic:

Felix Rees gave a report on the annual picnic and auction held at Falls Mill.  Felix thanked all who made the event a success.  The club sold over $800 at the action.  The food was over the top and a good time was had by all.  


Jigs and Templates Saturday Short Seminar:

Paul Fulks reminded members of the Jigs and templates seminar to be held at Matt Brothers Shop on June 26 from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  A sign-up sheet was passed around for interested members to sign up. 


Carvers Corner: 

The carvers meeting is held every 1st Saturday of the month at Phil Bishop’s Shop at 8:30 a.m.


New Business:


Show and Tell:

Loyd Ackerman brought in pictures of his latest project.  Box beams to make a portable work table.  Loyd built 2 box beams with the top made from Formica while the top from ˝ MDF with a gusset glued in every 8 inches in the beam.  These beams along with saw horses make a sturdy support for a work table that is flat, light and easy to put up and take down.


Bob Addington brought in five hollow vessels he turned.  One was Apple and two were from Box Elder.  He finished them in Danish Oil and wipe on poly.  Loyd turned one from Plum and one from Peach.  These he finished with wipe on poly.  The Peach vessel developed a small split after turning. 


Kevin Deuermeyer displayed two toy vehicles he made from Jack Daniels Oak staves.  One was a truck and the other a coupe that also had Beech, Walnut and Cherry wood. He finished them in polyurethane.


Jay Hazel brought in a bowl he turned form a piece of wood he found on the road.  He calls this wood road kill.  Jay also displayed a bowl he turned from Red Cedar which came from the Stones River Battle Field. Jay attended the sharpening seminar in Murfreesboro put on by Alf Sharpe.  Since the seminar he lapped in two planes.  It seems that the last two places to lap in flat are the throat and the front sole which just happen to be the only two places that must be flat. 


Scott Short displayed a football he turned from plans he found on the internet.  The plans were made by a man in Canada so it is a Canadian regulation football.  The ball has 13 laces made from maple.  The ball itself was turned from walnut and is hollow in the middle. He also displayed a Native American flute that he built.


Ralph Hand brought in a chest he made for Milner Carden.  The chest was made from Walnut and Cherry.  The Walnut chest ends were made from highly figured wide boards.  The top was made from Cherry with Walnut banding.  The chest was stunning in its overall appearance.


Jim Everett (artist in wood) brought in a stool he made from Cedar wood and finished with a new Minwax exterior finish.  He also brought in three pictures he made using wood from Red Cedar, Eastern Red Cedar and Western Red  Cedar.  The pictures were of a mule, a horse, and a Bible.  He then used a wood burner to create a wood burning picture on each background.


Jack Rowe brought in a spalted Bradford Pear bowl.  He also displayed a broken file that he used to make a bead cutting turning tool.  He turned two cups and baby rattle using the bead cutting tool he made. 



The program was presented by Wayne Sutter from Woodline USA.  He gave the club a couple of items to raffle off along with a stack of catalogs.  Woodline is found online at  .  Wayne presenting an interesting program and he demonstrated with hands on with some of the products. 


Wayne emphasized the wood planes he manufactures from Ebony which are a work of art in themselves.  He also exhibited his pocket hole vice grip which is very useful with the Kreg system.  Wayne asked members for their ideas and said that all his good ideas come from others.