May 18, 2010


Tom Cowan called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


The club recognized and welcomed the following individuals as guests:

       Walt & Corrine Conden (guests of Bob Reese)


Tom announced that UT will hold a Field Day at the UT Tree Farm (located between Tullahoma and Winchester) on June 5th.Call 931-967-2741 to register.There will be sessions on grading lumber, forest management and portable saw mills.Lunch will be provided by the University of Tennessee.


Old Business:

Tom Cowan reported on Sharpening Seminar held by the Stones River on May 6th.Three of our members (Tom Cowan, Richard Gulley, and Paul Fulks) attended the sharpening seminar taught by Alf Sharp.


Loyd Ackerman reported on the Vacuum Press workshop held on May 15th.This was a great workshop with hands on use of a vacuum press.


Paul Fulks reported that a jig and template short session was planned for June 26. Anyone who has jigs or templates should contact Paul. Paul also found a young man who carves bears with a chainsaw in Gatlinburg who would be willing to do a session for the club at a reasonable price. If enough members are interested then a session will be set up for this fall.


Tom Reported on the carverís exhibit held at the Dogwood Festival in Winchester.This was the first year that it didnít rain during the event.The carvers answered many questions and handed out a lot of cards advertising the TVWW Club.


Felix Reese gave club members the final details for the Annual Picnic which will occur at Falls Mill at 5 oíclock on May 22.Members were asked to be there by a quarter to 5.Members were also reminded to bring something of value to sell at the auction.††


Johnny Brown reported that the annual turning bee will be held at Tom Cowanís on June 19th with a spindle turning session on June 18th.June 12th was set as a day to chain-saw bowl blanks.Tomís son will utilize his saw mill in order to help prepare bowl blanks for bowl turning.A sign-up sheet was sent around requesting volunteers for chain-sawing bowl blanks along with others who could bring their lathe and/or bowl gouges.



Carvers Corner:

The carvers meeting is held every 1st Saturday of the month at Phil Bishops Shop at 8:30 a.m..

New Business:††

Paul Fulks announced that a Saturday Short Session is being planned for displaying jigs and templates.This session is tentatively scheduled for June 26.Anyone who has jigs or templates that would be interesting should contact Paul.


Show and Tell:

Milner Carden brought pictures of three sugar chests that Ronnie Young built from wood grown on the Hermitage property.Ronnie Young went to the Hermitage to get first hand knowledge of the Jackson Sugar Chest.He then used Walnut lumber that Milner gave him to produce three sugar chests.The chests were all signed and dated.The chests were a work of art.Milner encouraged all woodworkers to sign and date their work.This would bring more joy to their owners in the future and also serve to document the pieces history. ††


Ken Miller showed a Hope Chest he built for a member of his family with a lift out tray.He also had pictures of an entertainment center and an outdoor buffet constructed from mahogany.He also built a table and chair.


Doyle McConnel brought in a segmented bowl he turned from 360 pieces of wood he cut and glued up.He finished the piece with lacquer.Dowell made the piece as a wedding gift for his granddaughter.†††


Ross Roepke built a frame in which he had mounted two wooden planes his grandfather left him.His grandfather was born on the plains and lived on an homestead.He built houses and barns from 1899 to 1930.Ross is passing on the display case with the two planes to his son has the same name as his grandfather.One was a round-over plane and the other was a rabbet plane.


Bob Addington brought in four bowls which he recently turned from Bradford Pear.The finish Bob used was 2 coats of Danish oil followed by 3 coats of wipe-on polyurethane.Bob reported the Bradford Pear was the easiest to turn of any wood he has used.In the green state the wood had an orange cast but it turned nearly white as it dryed.After the finish was applied the wood turned more orange again.


Bob Reese built a cedar chest for a granddaughter in Indiana.He built the chest using hand-cut dovetails.Before starting the project Bob checked out the video on hand-cut dovetails produced at Tom Cowanís workshop and took a lot of notes.After watching the video twice he made two practice pieces which worked out well before moving on to the actual chest.Bob built the chest from some cedar boards that were about 12 inches wide which his wife bought about 20 years ago.Bob Reese thanked the club members who helped him along the way.Phil Bishop helped Bob by using his horizontal drum sander to smooth the side and end pieces of the chest which were over 20 inches wide.


Kevin Deuermeyer built a bench for his hallway in his house.The bench was built from Sassafras wood.Bob Addington provided Kevin with a set of plans.The joints were all mortise and tendon and finished with polyurethane.


Richard Gulley brought in his new Triton router which works with a crank to lift it above the router table.Additionally the router has the ability to raise the collet above the router base so that the bits can be changed without reaching beneath the router base.


Dick Wollam brought in a carving he started at the Dogwood Festival.So far he has spent 5 hours drawing out the carving and used 3 pieces of basswood. He spent 2 hours on the band saw roughing out different parts.So far he has spent 4 hours carving.Dick is tracking his time and will give a full report when he completes the project and brings in the finished piece. ††


Phil Bishop brought in a crown he carved for a bed.Phil took the design from a matching dresser.Phil blew up the carving design 148% in size so it would fit the bed.Phil spent about 30 hours carving the crown.Phil figures he spent right at 30 hours to complete the project.He completed part of the project while working at the Dogwood Festival.The wood for the carving was mahogany.††



Bob Molloy presented an outstanding program on building a wood strip canoe.Bobís canoe was built in the style of Phil Greene of North Carolina.Bobís presentation and pictures were outstanding.The techniques that Bob developed while building his strip canoe were innovative and the finished canoe was a work of art.