April 20, 2010


Tom Cowan called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


The club recognized and welcomed the following individuals as guests:

1.      Walt Conden

2.      Larry Windlen

3.      Bob McCormick (unique carver and program presenter)


The club recognized and welcomed Frank, Francis and Brandon Pratt as a new members.


Old Business:

Paul Fulks made a report on the April 10, Seminar.  Paul reported the seminar was a great success with 35 attending.  The presenters to a person made great presentations that were informative and useful.  Thanks to all who helped especially Doyle McConnel (Turning Nested Bowls & Turning a Hollow Vessel), Phil Bishop (Basic Furniture Carving & Dying to Match Old Finishes), Dick Wollam (Carving Owls), Jim Jolliffe (Cottonwood Bark Carving) Dwain Adams (Wood-burning) and Tom Cowan (Lacquer and Oil Finishing).


Carvers Corner: 

The carvers meeting is held every 1st Saturday of the month at Phil Bishops Shop at 8:30 a.m.  . 


New Business:  


Felix Reese reported on the annual picnic to be held at Falls Mill on May 22.  The event will begin at  5 o’clock p.m.  The supper will be pot luck with the club providing drinks, silverware and the plates.  Members will need to bring dishes including meats.  Felix reminded everyone to bring a good item to sell.  This is the club’s only money raising function.


A short video was shown in which Tom Cowan, Henry Davis, and Phil Bishop discussed the club’s beginning 25 years ago.  Plans are coming together for the 25th Anniversary Celebration Event to be held on October 23.


Loyd Akerman announced details for a Saturday Short Session on vacuum bagging on May 15.  A sheet was passed around for interested members to sign up.  Contact Loyd at ( if you're interested.


Johnnie Brown reported on plans for this year’s turning bee which will be held at Tom Cowan’s Shop on June 15. 


Paul Fulks announced that a Saturday Short Session is being planned for displaying jigs and templates.  This session is tentatively scheduled for June 26.  Anyone who has jigs or templates that would be interesting should contact Paul.  Paul also announced that he was looking for a host for the event. 


Show and Tell:


Doyle McConnell brought in two turned vases.  The vases were made from Sugar Maple which had beautiful Ambrosia Beetle markings.  The wood came from Paul Fulks where the TVW Seminar was held on April 10.  The top of one vase had a cap made from Holly to replace the inferior wood in the original.  Doyle also displayed a segmented salt shaker and pepper grinder made with 136 segments.  The pieces were made from projects where the wood left over was either too small or too deformed for use in a regular project.


Bob Reese reminded members that Christmas time was coming.  Bob displayed a stave oil lamp holder constructed from Poplar wood.  The holder was stained with Adeline type water based dye and then finished with Deft oil.    


Tom Cowan displayed a tea table made from Curly Cherry.  The table had a tilt top which Tom finished with oil and then sprayed with dull lacquer.


Felix Reese made a table from walnut.  The plan that Felix used for his design was from the table plans provided a last year’s workshop by Ronnie Young.  Felix finished the piece with boiled linseed oil, sand and sealer, followed with a sprayed on lacquer.


Jim Van Cleave brought in a piece of Basswood into which he had carved a floral wreath.  The carving was finished with Deft oil. 


Matt Brothers displayed a jewelry box which he constructed from Mahogany and Walnut.  The piece was finished with Danish oil and lacquer. 


Jim Accord purchased from WoodCraft the metal parts for a gardening set (gardening fork and miniature shove).  Jim then turned the handles on his lathe.  The handles were turned from Cherry.  Later Jim purchased a nearly identical set from TJ Max with Maple handles already assembled.  Jim sanded the handles down to 400 grit with sandpaper and then used Scotch Brite pads for the final prep.


Ken Gould who is known for his blacksmith work was asked to produce a gavel for a local women’s organization.  Ken displayed a prototype he made from Cedar in order to check out the proportions and get construction confirmation.  Ken liked the prototype so much he recommended it be used as the final product however the women asked that make it in Cherry.  Ken showed both gavels which he finished with Danish Oil.


Jay Hazel made a cutting board using cut maple blocks to produce a round cutting board with only end grain exposed on the cutting surface.  This board was similar to the board he made last month which was round with no end grain on the cutting surface. 


Don  Rounsavill brought in two bowls he made from maple.  The bowls were made using a jig with a router.  He cut both the inner and outer part of the bowls using a router.  The bowls were made from Maple and Poplar and finished with a salad bowl oil finish.  Don made the jigs from instructions he found at


Bill May displayed a camel he carved from Sycamore wood.  Bill also brought in two, one of kind, boy and girl dolls for which he had carved the face, hands and feet.  The dolls were complete and dressed.  The girl doll had on her feet, Bill’s daughter’s baby shoes. 


Will Gaetjens displayed a Biltmore stick which he glued up from pieces of maple with Elmer’s Waterproof Glue. 


Crocia Robertson brought in a unique round wooden holder or some kind that she bought at an estate sale to see if anyone could identify the piece.  At last check no one had identified the use of the wooden piece however conjectures were plentiful. 



Bob McCormick from Sparta presented the monthly program.  Bob is a carver of sorts who uses pieces of wood he collects in nature.  When he sees some defect in them he sees an image and begins carving following the imperfections in the wood until he has a completed piece.  He had numerous unique pieces from small to large.  In fact one of his creations is on display in a museum at Sparta.