December 2009

Loyd Ackerman called the meeting to order at 7:00.

Guests:            Stan Dunn, Carl Dunn, Nancy Hazel and Paul Fulks introduced a friend.

Phil Myers won the $25 gift certificate donated by BRC Lumber.

Loyd reminded everyone that dues are due in November.

The Carvers met on December 5ht and the next meeting is on January 10th at the Episcopal Church in Tullahoma.

Old Business:  Loyd commented that the Christmas party was great success with over 80 folks attending.

                        Felix Rees gave an excellent report on the club picnic and thanked all those who contributed their time and effort.

                         Doyle made the comment that it was time to finish the bowls that were started at the turning bee and showed a couple of them.

                        Henry Davis displayed some antique magazines that were donated to the club.  Normally the club library does not handle paper items but these were judged to be exceptional and can be checked out from the library.

New Business:            None


Show & Tell:

                        Loyd displayed several segmented vessels, which are Christmas presents for family members.  He also showed a small box, letter openers and a ‘scrape’ vessel made from cut-offs.  He also showed a picture of the gift to Ann Cline for her work on publicity for the exhibition.

                        Henry Davis displayed a ‘quick-release chinch-weaving frame’.  He went through the construction process, and these are sold over the Internet.  Henry also displayed two bowls that were finished from leftover blanks from the turning bee.

                        Ross Roepke showed pictures of the several clocks that he has designed and built.  He talked about a chair he built and showed some seabirds.

                        Jim Everett showed picture of an 8ft by 7ft carved piece of work of a farm scene, which he completed, for a customer.  The animals in the scene are portraits of the lady’s own animals.   He also showed pictures of two smaller works.

                        Joe Kuhn showed pictures of three ‘half-ship’ models and a lighthouse doorstop constructed by his brother-in-law.  His brother-in-law is legally blind! 

                        Jay Hazel showed how he designed and constructed a flatbed sander using his lathe as the drive mechanism.  He also brought a solid body guitar made from mesquite and a jewelry box made out of canary wood.

                        Billy May brought a piece carved out of marble.

                        John Wendling showed a wooded gas gage used on a Model T Ford.

                        Ralph Hand brought a wooden chest, which had a curved top and sides.  It was constructed out of pine and walnut.

                        Bob Addington had a large porch bench constructed out of oak.  He had to make over 50 mortise and tenon joints in building it.

                        Bob Molloy brought a cherry table made from lumber purchased from BRC.  It had a very intricate turned pedestal base.

                        A member?? displayed a sassafras walking stick.

                        Bob Leonard displayed some of his carvings.

                        Paul Jalbert brought a carved sign, which will be displayed on a friend’s farm.

                        Tom Gillard showed two wooden quilts and a model sunfish sailboat.  He also showed some George Dickel barrel staves that he is working on.

                        Tom Cowen brought two Chippendale mirrors, one walnut and one cherry.

                        Bob Reece brought a display case, which held forty carved peach pits.  He also had a magnolia bowl that didn’t quite make it.

                        Felix Rees displayed a turned lamp and a second turned lamp that had a set of deer antlers mounted on its base. 

                        Gary Runyon displayed a miniature router fixture he constructed for use with a small rotary type tool.

                        Phil Myers displayed a turned bowl.

                        Chuck Taylor showed a display mount for a relative’s prizes hockey puck souvenir. He also had a cherry silver chest and a bowl turned out of crab apple.

                        Doyle Mc Connell displayed maple letter openers, a maple nutcracker and a compact case made from a walnut burl.


Most folks agreed that this was our best ‘super show and tell’.