November 2009

Loyd Ackerman called the meeting to order at 7:00.

Guests:             Casey Jones, Jason Had?, Pat Gleason, Shelton Jones and Frank Van Cleave.  Also Stanley Dunn and Mr. Blankenship of BRC lumber were present as guests.

No new members.

Johnny Brown thanked all those who made the fall seminar a great success.

 Matt Brothers – his shop

Paul Fulks – logistics

Dan Maher – food

Felix Rees – coffee

Henry Davis – handling the money.

Again it was stated that the Carvers meet the first Saturday of the month.

Billy May stated that the Carvers presented the Wounded Warrior canes to the Veterans on October 20th.

Dick Wollam took five ribbons at the Huntsville Carvers show.


Remember that the Club’s Christmas Celebration is Friday December 4th.  Come around 5pm and plan to ear around 5:45.  Directions and info are on the TVWW website.  Everyone who attends is asked to bring a small handmade gift to exchange and a covered dish (the club will not supply meat this year).


Old Business:                                 None


New Business:                               None


Show & Tell:                                 Loyd displayed an amazing collection of segmented vessels, which will be given as Christmas gifts.

                                                        Ron Reimers showed a rack for holding his flutes and a cherry display case.

                                                        Bob Reece displayed violin #28 that he has made.  He commented that the neck of this violin is the one he was working on at the Coffee County fair.  Jason then played “Shenandoah Farewell” on it.

                                                        Doyle McConnell also brought segmented vessels as well as a walnut vase.  Some of the segmented vessels had inlaid sections in various pieces.

                                                        Ross Roepke brought a dolphin that he purchased from Carla Wright.  It showed the skill and insight that Jim had in his carving.

                                                        Tom Gillard showed a flag case that he made for Richard Gulley.  He also showed a piece of umbrella magnolia.

                                                        Jim Van Cleave displayed a carved flower made out of boxwood.

                                                        Bob Addington showed a sliding bookrack finished with wipe on poly.

                                                        Jay Hazel, who is also a member of the Stones River club, showed a set of salad tongs.  He also had a box made out of mesquite, which he said was the most stable wood he’s ever worked with.  He also had a dresser top valet box (a man box) and a rolling pin with a inlaid Celtic cross made out of cherry.

                                                        Allen Odell brought a Wounded Warrior cane and an oak bench.

                                                        John Mayberry had two pepper grinders one out of peach and the other out of spalted maple.

                                                        Matt Brothers displayed a game room stool which had a leather seat.

                                                        A nonmember (I didn’t get his whole name & I can’t decipher my own writing) visited Grizzly Industrial and showed pictures of six-foot - high segmented turnings in their showroom.

                                                        Will Gaetijens brought a maple food presser that had a cherry center.  This device is used to stuff food into a meat grinder.


Program:            Ross Roepke talked about his techniques of making boxes.  He displayed some of the jigs he uses and discussed the shortcuts he’s developed and the lessons learned over his long career in his shop.