April 2009                                                   

Loyd Ackerman called the meeting to order at 7:00.

The club welcomed three new members; Jerry Newbell, Jeremy Zimmerman and Phil Myers.

Jim Marsh and his grandson were guests but did not sign the guest book.

Chuck was thanked for his work on the newsletter.

Remember that newsletters can be obtained from Jim Steadman.

Loyd made the comment that dues are past due.

Jim Carden passed away and a memorial was made to the Cancer Society.

He also stated that the TVWW website is a great place for info and to learn more about the history of the club.  Consider making it your homepage as an easy way to keep up with what’s happening.

Henry Davis continued to stress use of the club library and stated that a future program will highlight use of and how to use the club library.

Carvers Corner:  The carvers met at Phil Bishop’s shop and did some relief work for Randy Walters’s workshop.

Tom Cowan announced four spindle turning workshops at his place, April 24&25 and May 15&16.

Steve Shores will have a workshop October 3rd for Christmas ornaments.

The shelf building workshop at Bob Addington’s shop was very productive and completed all the shelving needed for the exhibition.

In the Spirit of Fine Woodworking Exhibition Info:

There has been a change in venue from the Fine Arts Center to South Jackson Civic Center (SJCC). Exhibition times will remain the same.  Setup times will change somewhat. 

There are 189 exhibits and the opening reception will be Sunday at 1:30.

Exhibitors should bring their own business cards and Chuck will have club business cards available.


Loyd again encouraged member participation in our woodworking exhibition as well as volunteers to help with the tremendous amount of work needed to make it a success.   He displayed the detailed schedule and went over several publicity efforts.  He especially outlined the email campaign, which everyone is encouraged to use.

The deadline for any new entries is April 15th.

Bob Addington is doing the layout for the exhibition.

A comprehensive email campaign will also be conducted to increase publicity and everyone is urged to participate.

Any questions can be answered by the steering committee.  The leads in particular areas are:

On site documentation                        Chuck Taylor

Site coordination                                 Doyle McConnell

Public Relations                                  Karen Kerce Browning

Publicity                                              Louis Bryant

Fixtures                                               Bob Addington

On site staff                                        Vince Zaccardi

Finances                                              Jim Steadman

Also there will be seven door prizes to be given out


Old Business

Ross Roepke needs help with the Falls Mills restoration project.  Main effort will be replacing window sills and reglazing windows.  He is looking for someone to coordinate the effort while he is out of town.

Felix reminded everyone the club picnic is June 6th at Falls Mill.  The club will not supply the meat this year so this will truly be a ‘potluck’ picnic.

New Business

Bob Leonard has a 5’ x 2’ countertop that would make a good work surface for anyone who wants it.


Show & Tell:

Bob Addington gave a slide show and jig demo of the shelf making workshop. This was an outstanding production line operation.

Joe Kuhn had a radius jig for large pieces.

Matt Brothers showed a table with quarter sawn air dried oak top which was resawn 1/8 thick.

Dick Williams displayed a relief carved griffin made out of cherry.

Tom Cowan displayed a cherry bowl which is one of the door prizes.

Susan Church showed a maple box which is also one of the door prizes.

Ross Roepke brought a box made from butternut and walnut.

Doyle McConnell showed a spalted maple vase which will be given as a wedding present.  He also, again, mentioned the club’s strength of members helping each other.

Chuck Taylor showed a crabapple vase which is one of the door prizes.

Felix Rees displayed a dovetail joint that he made during Tom’s workshop.  He also commented on restoring a dresser draw using a table saw for the dovetail.  He also displayed a thread holder, a turned lamp and a jig for making box joints.

Harry May brought a relief carving of basswood leaves with box elder butterflies.

Will Gaetjens displayed a marlin spike thread puller which he made using a drill press and hand turned lathe.

Ralph Hand displayed one of his all wooden bowed top chests.



Alan Daigre presented his method for building hand crafted rocking chairs. He had one on display which was exceptionally comfortable.


The meeting adjourned at 9:40