March 2009                                                                   

Loyd Ackerman called the meeting to order at 7:00.

It should be noted that this meeting was very well attended.

The club welcomed Stormy Tomish & Tony Harrison as guests.

Ann Cline was also a guest and will write an article about our exposition for Tempo magazine.

 And several new members joined the club. 

Allen Babian

Trevor Moeller

Remember that newsletters can be obtained from Jim Steadman.

Loyd made the comment that dues are past due.

Loyd again encouraged member participation in our woodworking exhibition as well as volunteers to help with the tremendous amount of work needed to make it a success.   He displayed the detailed schedule and went over several publicity efforts.  He especially outlined the email campaign, which everyone is encouraged to use.

He also stated that the TVWW website is a great place for info and to learn more about the history of the club.  Consider making it your homepage as an easy way to keep up with what’s happening.

Henry Davis continued to stress use of the club library and stated that a future program will highlight use of and how to use the club library.   He also mentioned that the club now has 46 titles in the library.

Doyle commented that the new CD on making peppermills is excellent and using it is all you would need to get started.

Members can contact David Sapp at Woodcraft in Franklin concerning a sharpening workshop to be held at the store.

Everyone was reminded that the picnic would be June 6th at Falls Mills.

It was mentioned that the Carvers meet the first Saturday of the month.  There is a Carver’s workshop at Phil Bishop’s shop for 15 attendees (The workshop is full).  The carvers will also have the Totem Pole at the Dogwood festival.

There have been two hand-cut dovetail workshops at Tom Cowen’s.  Both were a great success.

Tom announced a spindle turning workshop at his shop on April 25th.  The signup response was overwhelming and Tom will work the details.


In the Spirit of Fine Woodworking Exhibition Info:

            The deadline for any new entries is April 15th.

            Bob Addington is doing the layout for the exhibition.

            Ann Clive is writing an article for publicity.

A comprehensive email campaign will also be conducted to increase publicity and everyone is urged to participate.

Any questions can be answered by the steering committee.  The leads in particular areas are:

On site documentation                        Chuck Taylor

Site coordination                                 Doyle McConnell

Public Relations                                  Karen Kerce Browning

Publicity                                              Louis Bryant

Fixtures                                               Bob Addington

On site staff                                        Vince Zaccardi

Finances                                              Jim Steadman

Also there will be seven door prizes to be given out


Old Business

Bob Addington will need help to build fixtures at his shop.

New Business

Ross Roepke is looking for help to support window repair and replacement at Falls Mills.

Ken Gould stated that there would be a blacksmith workshop, which will cost $40 for three sessions.  See Ken for details.

Sharon Wright mentioned that the ‘TN Renegade Woodcarvers Roundup’ was coming up at a cost of $200.


Show & Tell

Dave Jacobs presented a slide show on maple cabinets.

Bob Leonard showed a slide of the knife he made for a door prize for the exhibition.  He also showed a scroll saw model car and a jig for mounting jig saw blades.

Tom Gillard displayed his latest model sailboat made from several different woods.

Bob Reece displayed two violins, one German and one Italian.  Both were played to demonstrate the subtle differences.

Ross Roepke showed a walnut recipe box that was being shipped to a friend in Hawaii.

Maurice Ryan displayed a pair of lamps made from either boxwood or box elder.

Dave May had a carving of three bears that took second place in a Huntsville show.

Newt Wright showed the dovetail work that he accomplished at the workshop at Tom Cowan’s.

Sharon Wright also showed work she at Tom Cowan’s workshop on dovetails.

Phil Bishop showed and commented that composite furniture pulls have been used since 1870.

At this point Phil Bishop, Henry Davis and Tom Cowan were recognized as charter members of the TVWW club.



Ron Reimers presented a program on making Native American flutes.  He also played several and made the comment that very little music was written for these flutes.