Loyd Ackerman called the meeting to order at 7:00.

The club welcomed Allen Babian as a guest.  And several new members joined the club. 

Robert Elam

Ron Reimers

Dan & Mary Peters

Mike Sharp

Loyd made the comment that dues should be paid between November and January and after that you are in arrears.

He also stated that the TVWW website is a great place for info and to learn more about the history of the club.

Chuck Taylor would like as many members as possible to email to receive the Splinters newsletter since dues are only $10 a year and it costs about $8.50 a year to send the newsletter by snail mail.

Henry Davis encouraged everyone to make use of or contribute to the club library.  He also asked for suggestions for additions to the library since he will be adding to it.

The next carver’s workshop will be at Carla Wright’s shop.

Tom Cowen gave an overview on his plans as the new educational chairman. 

There will be a workshop on hand cut dovetails at Tom’s shop on February 7th.

Loyd encouraged everyone to participate in the May exhibition “In the Spirit of Fine Woodworking”.  This will be good publicity for the club and great exposure for individuals who have items on display.  For this to be a truly successful everyone needs to pitch in and help.


Old Business

The TN wood turners symposium is Jan 24 & 25th at the Radisson in Nashville.  For info contact Dave Sapp at the Woodcraft store in Franklin (615) 599-9638.

New Business

Members were warned that a new, very damaging, computer virus was making the rounds.  Also a new computer worm was showing up.


Show & Tell

Doyle McConnell showed how he made wooden screw for his bed reconstruction project.  He had a video to demonstrate how it is done.

Loyd Ackeman talked about refinishing the gun cabinet had had tried to use ‘Polyshades’ finish on.  He also showed pictures of the computer desk he built for his wife.

Jay Hazel had jewelry boxes made from bicote wood.

Jim Acord showed pictures of a wall of bookcases, which displayed several items made by TVWW members, he built for his wife.  He also had pictures of a coffee table and another bookcase.

Ross Roepke brought several of his boxes.

Ralph Hand showed a pine and walnut bench he stained with a vinegar and steel wool mixture.

Jim Van Cleave had a veneered box had he had used yellow glue for the veneer.

Ron Reimers demonstrated the Native American flutes that he makes.

Joe Kuhn talked about how he aligns his table saw and showed his fence system for his router table.

Greg Seiber brought a ‘jinni’ bottle and redwood bowl/vase.

Henry Davis talked about a screw extractor set.

Dick Wollam showed a turned plate with leaves carver in the center.


Tom Church presented his research and efforts on ‘thermally activated’ veneering.  His source of veneer is