President Tom Gillard called the meeting to order at 7:00 and welcomed the following guests: Gary Long of Hillsboro, Dean Northcutt of Manchester and Jim Ray of Tullahoma.


Members were reminded that the Christmas party will be held on December 5th, which is before our next meeting.  Please contact Mary Cowan if you plan to attend.  Info is on the web site.


Also ’09 dues are now being collected, see Jim Steadman


Old Business:


Doyle McConnell reported on the “In the Spirit of Fine Woodworking” which was presented at the FootHills Craft Show on November 7th & 8th.  The show was a great success with 15 exhibitors and 44 items displayed.  He thanked all the members who helped with the setup and removal, those who were monitors during the show and those members who came to support the show, and he also thanked Martha Taylor for overseeing the layout of the displays.  Doyle also showed a slide show of all the items that were displayed at the show.

Loyd Ackerman also thanked all those who participated in the show, especially Chuck Taylor for the guidebooks and Henry Taylor for the pictures.  The pictures can be viewed on the web site.  Loyd encouraged even more participation for the upcoming exhibition in May.  There is a new simplified entrance form for signing up, Loyd asks that you fill it out completely and please write legibly.  If you have any questions contact a member of the steering committee.


New Business:


Again members were encouraged to attend the Christmas party on December 5th.  Mary Cowan is the chairperson and help is always appreciated.  Details are on the website.

Election of Officers: There were no nominations from the floor and the following slate of officers was elected by acclimation:


President…………..Loyd Ackerman

Vice-President………Anthony Watts

Secretary……….…..Vince Zaccardi

Treasurer……………..Jim Steadman

Newsletter Editor….…Chuck Taylor

Publicity Chairman……Louis Bryant





Carvers will meet at Phil Bishop’s shop on the 6th.


Doyle McConnell thanked Loyd Ackerman, Chuck Taylor and Henry Davis for our outstanding website.  This is a real asset to the club.


Show & Tell:


Jim Ray displayed a cherry headboard for a bed, the post were made in three parts.


Bob Leonard showed pumpkins carved out a galled limb.  He commented that Eastern Gall Rust was the cause.


Maurice Ryan had one of a pair of lamps made from walnut, red oak and stained poplar.


Anthony Watts brought several of his shaker boxes, some of which will become Christmas presents.


Tom Cowan had on display a Craftsman’s style wooden tool chest.


Dick Wollam displayed a carved loon out of butternut.


Ross Roepke showed two of his jewelry boxes. He also commented it doesn’t take too much time to build them!


Bob Addington had a large pine bowl that he had turned green and then applied five coats of wipe-on poly.


Felix Rees brought a lamp made using table legs and commented that the challenge was routing the wiring through the base.


Matt Brothers showed a small mission style table and said that he had also finished the walnut dining room table, which has a two leaf mid table extension.


Newt Wright showed a bowl he turned at the turning bee.  He had dropped it and showed how he glued it back together.


Sharon Wright showed the whimsical house she carved from cottonwood bark.  The cool thing was that she mounted the house in a frame and installed lights in the windows.


Allen Odell   showed items that he had received as gifts.




Greg Pennington, a professional chair maker and furniture builder, spoke on finishing chairs and benches using traditional milk paints.  He commented that milk paint is a combination of milk protein, limestone and pigment.  It is fast drying and a lot of work to do right.  He applies two or three coats depending on the color he is trying to achieve and rubs out the final coat with a grey scotch-brite pad and then 4-0 steel wool.  His finish is rubbed out with an oil finish, which consists of equal parts of mineral spirits, varnish and boiled linseed oil.