President Tom Gillard called the meeting to order at 7:00PM and welcomed guest Homer and Juanita Jones of Manchester.


Members were reminded of upcoming TVW events!

November 7 – 8  Foot Hills Craft Show

December 5  Christmas Party –Mary Cowan, Coordinating Chairman


Old Business: 

Loyd Ackerman encouraged members to be involved “In the Spirit of Fine Woodworking” which is to be presented in the up-coming Foot Hills Craft Show.

Applications are available on line or contact Loyd for assistance.


Doyle McConnell will be in charge of displays.  Information regarding the specific time for delivery of items for display will be provided members via e-mail.


The club was informed that a display case has been funded by the club and built by

Loyd Ackerman and Henry Davis.  Tom Cowan donated the wood for this project.  The case will be used during the Foot Hills Craft Show and subsequently at the Tullahoma Fine Arts Center.  Ultimate disposal will be determined later.


Chuck Taylor requested that those showing items at the Exhibit that have not supplied a photo of themselves in their shop, please do so.  He is in the process of making individual placards to be used at the show.


New Business:

Tom Cowan, on behalf of the Nominating Committee, proposed the following slate of officers:


President                      Loyd Ackerman

Vice-President              Anthony Watts

Secretary:                     Vince Zaccardi

Treasurer                      Jim Steadman

Newsletter Editor         Chuck Taylor

Publicity Chairman        Louis Bryant


Doyle McConnell encouraged members to attend the shop tours scheduled Saturday, October 25th..  The group will meet for breakfast at Western Sizzler at 8:00AM and  then visit Millard Carden’s barn.  The visit will include information on preparing and stacking wood for later use.  This will be followed by a brief visit to Henry Davis’ place for freebees.




Carla Wright, spouse of the late Jim Wright, provided a listing of tools and shop equipment that is for sale.


Carvers group will meet November 1 at Phil Bishop’s shop.


The Carvers reported that they had a good time at the Bell Buckle festival and are looking forward to participating in the festival in Leepers Fork November 7th, 8th & 9th.


Show & Tell:


Doyle McConnell displayed his first copy of a John Jordan original made in 1992.  He also showed a “tie-died” vessel with a lacquer finish.


Bob Leonard brought a bowl made of butternut which he finished at the fair.


Maurice Ryan showed an oak knife storage box that he had made.  Also, he brought a gift he had received which was a unique bowl made of curly maple.


Ross Roepke displayed a spoon rack, a veneer book matched table top with a walnut surround.  Also, a table made of mahogany, cherry, and maple was an original creation. The legs had been a gift and he had assembled the table with screws.   Walnut bow-tie pulls were used as an accent on the drawers. 


Anthony Watts brought a curly cherry bedside table that he had made as a gift for his wife.  The finish was Danish oil and wax.


Sharron Wright told the club about her “love affair” with her carved Indian.  This piece is one that has taken intense labor, as each item from head-dress feathers to cigars, had received the utmost attention.  Portions of the carving had been hand painted for emphasis.  She was also wearing dogwood blossoms which she had carved from mahogany.


Felix Rees brought a lamp which he had made from walnut flooring.  The boards had been stacked and glued and then turned.  The finish was polyurethane.


Harry May brought a “wood spirit” that he had finished and also, a wonderful camel that he had been working on for some time.


Dick Wollam showed his carving of a “Pegasus”.  This was done in pine and finished with spray lacquer.


Will Gaetjens explained an unusual measuring stick that he had made for use in determining the size of various woods.


Geoff Roehm showed a picture of a 1926 Chevrolet which had been in storage.  The beautiful wood work was admired as well as the curved glass in the windows.  He also showed “saw horses” that he had constructed to be used in building a 20 x 24 addition

to an existing building.



Following a break, the club was treated to an evening with John Jordan, renowned wood turner, from Antioch.  He showed many of his creations, which are now displayed across the country, in various art museums, as well as the Smithsonian.  All of his pieces are turned from greenwood with unique finishes.  He explained his technique for a graphite finish, which enhances the wood and gives a dark appearance.  He also does copper leaf and creates a chemical patina.  Many of his pieces are of box elder or red maple.


He presented the club with a DVD entitled “Aesthetics and Properties of Wood”