Mark your calendars for these upcoming TVW  events!!


June 7 – Picnic  5:00--Vince Zaccardi

June 14 -- Turning Bee Tom Cowan’s shop starting at 8AM, bring your own lunch and have a good time.

September 15 - 20 Coffee County Fair

October 18, -- Fall Workshop

Nov. 7-8, Foothills Craft  -  SHOW

December 5 --  Christmas Party


Refreshments next month: Henry Davis & Fred Heltsley


2009 TVW Woodworking Exhibition Steering Committee Formed:


     Loyd Ackerman  (chair)

     Henry Davis

     Tom Gillard

     Steve Shores


Old business:

Tom Cowan addressed the meeting, expressing thank you to the attendees at the Spring Seminar. Creative interest had been kindled in those attending in inlays and Federal Furniture.

Hand Scraper Workshop: Henry passed around a signup sheet for the workshop. It will be held on May 31 at Henry’s shop. Sessions will be one our in length, with the first session starting at 9 AM. Sessions will be scheduled at one hour intervals throughout the day.


New business:

Vince Zaccardi (455-4148) encouraged everyone to attend the picnic (6/7/08) and bring your favorite covered dish. Also, bring items for the auction, preferable something that you made.


The Turning Bee will be at Tom Cowan’s shop 6/14/08 at 8 AM.  Also need help on Friday (6/13/08) 10AM to set up and cut blanks.  This will be informal hands on training in turning  bowls, spindles etc.  Bring a sack lunch and have fun.


Henry announced that Alf Sharp’s presentation is now available in the Library.


Steve Shores announced that Jim Wright is having health problems and is being treated at Vanderbilt


Tom Gillard announced that he had been contacted concerning finding someone to make a couple of mantels. If you are interested, contact Tom and he will give you the contact information.


“Turning for Troops”: Anthony Watts gave a report as to the progress of the “Turning for Troops” club project. WOODCRAFT is supplying all the kits for making the pens.  The first shipment will be made early June followed by a November Shipment.  The pens are to be placed in individual plastic bags with a note of appreciation for the service that these men are rendering for their country.


Next Carvers meeting is:  June 7th. Location:  Phil Bishops' Shop

Bring something you want to work on. The Indian may be there for some finishing up work on him.


Tom Gillard showed the group a picture to see if they could identify what was happening. It was the work of beavers on Yacht Club Road, next to UTSI.


Show & Tell:

Kenneth Clark showed a gun case made of red oak with brass hardware that he had made for Walton Duckworth to carry his 12 gauge shotgun to competition.  It was lined with foam and topped with felt. Walton is a junior high student and part of a trap shooting team from Franklin County.  The team will participate in the State Tournament.


Scott Short showed a set of maple carved ballet slippers that he had finished for a client. He noted that they seemed to have 2 right feet .  The base was of walnut.


Bill Davis displayed pens a variety of pens he had made for friends. He is also involved with the “Turning for Troops” project and displayed those pens.  He had used various styles and different woods.  Among the wood used was persimmon, snake, maple, purple heart, honey locust.


Felix Rees displayed a turned lamp that he had made from a fence post of either locust or bodock.  He elaborated as to the problems especially the colony of ants that had to be displaced.  He had mounted it on a barn wood base.


Bob Addington  brought an “egg” Kaleidoscope and also a “wand” that he had made using parts supplied from a craft supply company.  He also showed a finished bowl made from maple.  He also brought pens that he made for the “Turning for Troops” club project, using walnut, cedar and cherry,.


Jim Van Cleave displayed a relief carving in cherry, showing an eagle with spread wings.

He told a little as to how the popularity evolved in the 19th century.


Bob Leonard brought his fire truck, on which he displayed the characters that he had created and carved.  They were Billy Bob, Smiley and Bubba, along with the Dalmatian fire dog.


Bob Reese showed a router base that he created for a dremel tool. The base was made from plans supplied by Ronnie Young, our Spring Seminar presenter.


Jim Carden displayed a piece of wood that was believed to be Lyptus, an exotic wood that was a gift.  He marveled at the weight of the piece and passed it around for a closer look. 


Tom Gillard noted that the easels in the meeting room were some of the 15 that he had been commissioned to make for UTSI. 


Doug Dunlap also brought a box of pens for the “Turning for Troops” club project.


Break for refreshments – Thanks to Bob Addington & Ralph Hand for providing the refreshments.



Lloyd Ackermann presented the program explaining the Exhibition that is planned for early May 2009 at the Art Center in Tullahoma.  A video featuring the exhibits that were done in 1997, 2000, & 2004 was shown to create interest in member particapation.  He emphasized that this is not a sale venue but for exposing the community to the many talents of our club and recruiting new members.        


Bob Reese will present the program next month on “Fixtures for Fiddle making”.