Minutes of the April Meeting

Tennessee Valley Woodworkers


Our Guests for the meeting:

Tony and Will Locke from Fayetteville

Mr. Brown from Manchester

Jim Kay from Winchester

Jerry Jaworski from Estill Springs

Alf Sharp from Woodbury


Our New Members:

Brenda DeJoice



Thanks to Felix Rees and Anthony Watts for our refreshments tonight!!



Mark down these calendar dates!  With these and so many other events planned, please let one of the officers know if you would be willing to be a chairperson for an event!

May 3 – Spring Seminar

June 7 – TVW Picnic

June 14 – Turning Bee

September 15-20 – Coffee County Fair

October 18 – Fall Workshop

December 5 – Christmas Party



No Old Business



New Business:

*Jim Parker has a 12 inch Sears Lathe and band saw to sell.

*Larry at Dixie Woodworks has a whole woodworking shop to sell.

*Felix Rees has a Vega Duplicator that he is looking for literature about.  He also has a Grissley portable planer that he needs to put the blades back in.  Does anyone have a jig to loan to put them in? 


*Ed White thanked Loyd Ackerman , Doyle McConnell and Chuck Taylor for coming to the Dixon woodworking club to do a program on segmented turning. 



Thanks to Vince Zaccardi for offering to be the chairperson for the Spring Picnic!  Thanks also to Geoffe Rhoem for organizing a music jam.  Plan to bring your instruments and play along!!



Anthony Watts told us about turning pens for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  10,000 pens were turned last year and sent to the troops.  The Franklin Woodcraft store is providing the kits, which will be available at the May meeting.



Thanks to Dan Maher and Tom Cowan for organizing the Spring Seminar!  It will be held at the Forrest Mills Church of Christ on May 3 from 7:45 -4:00.  Donuts will be served for breakfast and Whitts BBQ for lunch.  Ronnie Young will be presenting a program on inlaying methods.  He needs to borrow a bandsaw.



In the spring of 2009, the TVW will present a woodworking exhibition.  The first showing will be November 7 and 8 at Foothills Craft Fair.  More information will be forthcoming.  Entry forms were passed out and are available.



Henry Davis and Jim VanCleave will be hosting a handscraping workshop the last Saturday in May.  It will be hands on, so arrange to come in groups of 2 or 3.  There will be a sign-up at the next meeting.



Bonnaroo has asked if TVW would like to have a display booth this year.  Would anyone like to be a chairman?!?



The Carvers will meet May 3 at Phil Bishop’s shop.



The Always Awesome Show and Tell!:


  1. Dave White brought a calibrated closet shelf jig.  He also had some beautiful bandsaw  boxes made from Quartersawn oak with Walnut trim.  He had used spray fuzz for the insides of the drawer.  He advised us to completely seal the edges with tape before spraying.  He also showed us a Polonia drawer he had made that had a bee hole running all the way through it.
  2. Doyle McConnell brought a set of 6 turned nesting bowls made from one piece of Red Maple.  They had their natural edge.  He will show us how to make them at the May meeting.
  3. Bob Addington has a new lathe and brought 2 bowls he turned from Spalted Maple greenwood.
  4. Ken Burgess brought a carved house that was 3 dimensional in the “round.”  He made it by gluing 2 pieces of Cottonwood bark together, carving them, splitting them to hollow, and then putting them back together.
  5. Bob Reese brought the 24th fiddle he has made.  He began it at the Coffee County Fair.  The back was maple that he had cut and seasoned for 2 years, and the front was Spruce.  A farm theme was drawn on the back of an old house and barn, a plow, and 2 mules, Queen and Andy.  Wheat heads decorated the ribs.
  6. Steve Shores brought his fabulous first attempt at a realistic face. It was an Indian carved in basswood and finished with linseed oil.  He also had a carved basswood plaque with a walnut frame.
  7. Tom Gillard brought in a pet cremation box he had been commissioned to make.  It was walnut with maple splines, and had a magnolia lid.  Doyle asked if it was a Chihuahua box.  Others said it should have been made of Dogwood, and the “bark” should have been left on.  It was a beautiful box, and a lot of fun.
  8. Newt Wright brought in a nice small box that had an oriental look to it.
  9. Collins Roan brought in a nice library table he had made for his reading room.


We have so many talented members!  Our Show and Tell is a highlight of the meeting!


The Presentation tonight was given by Alf Sharp.  Alf is from Woodbury, and handcrafts museum quality furniture.  He is a member of the Cumberland Furniture guild.


Alf has made over 12 pieces of furniture for Andrew Jackson’s home, the Hermitage.  Everything that is not owned by the family was made by Alf to return the house and contents back to its original 1835 condition.  Quite a bit of detective work and research went into making each article.  As a matter of fact, 2 years went into researching the Prussian Blue and Gold side chairs before making them.  The paint was reformulated and was actually quite bold in color.  Alf even made the Venetian blinds, using bone for the wheels.


Alf explained how to do a gorgeous finish by using linseed oil and then French polishing with shellac softened with ethanol alcohol.  Among other “famous” furniture, he has made the Supreme Court Justice chair in the State Capitol Building and the governor’s desk.