Minutes of the March 18, 2008 Meeting

Tennessee Valley Woodworkers

Introductions and recognition



John Sargent’s brother in law, Earl Nunly, and his guest Mr. Williams (not in guest book).


New Members tonight:

Thomas and Patricia Eddes

Wayne Simmons

Paul and Anne Fulks

Brenda DeJoice


New Members last Month:

Joe Helms- Manchester
                Terry Giltner- Manchester

Dwight Cox - Tullahoma

Thanks to Chuck Taylor for our Newsletter, Splinters!  Printed versions are available at meetings.  Please keep phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. updated.

Thanks to Karen Browning and Jim Jolliffe for refreshments

Thanks to Felix Rees for making the Coffee. 

TVW Calendar Dates

Refreshment Calendar

Month      Name                1/2                         Name 1/2

Jan                         Ackerman                                           McConnell

Feb                        Carden                                                                Carden

Mar.                      Browning                                            Jolliffe

Apr.                       A. Watts                                               F. Rees

May                       Hand                                                     Addington          

June                      H. Davis                                                                Heltsley

July                        Cowan                                                  C & Martha Taylor

Aug                        Bowers                                                 Ryan

Sept                        Jalbert                                

Oct                         Steadman                                           Gulley/Clark

Nov                        D. Taylor                                              Dunlap


Next month goodies:  Anthony Watts and Felix Rees


Old business:  None

New business:

                Tom Cowan described content of seminar

Dan Maher gave details on administration.  Information on the website.  Asked for show of hands. 


The event will be held at the Forest Mill Church of Christ at 3366 McMinnville Highway just outside of Manchester.  The seminar will be presented by furniture maker Ronnie Young of Chattanooga.  Young specializes in high end furniture with emphasis on embellishments such as inlays.  He uses hand tools extensively and expertly to create beautiful period pieces of furniture.  The cost of the event will be $45 which will include a catered lunch and refreshments during the break.  Registration begins at 7:45.  The seminar begins at 8:30 and ends at 4:00.  Put this on your calendar so you don't develop a conflict.  Contact Dan Maher or Tom Cowan for details.

2009 TVW Woodworking Exhibition

Loyd Ackerman gave a promotional talk introducing the concept of the exhibit.  More information will be given at the May meeting with details and rules.

 Shop Tours

Doyle McConnell is working on it, but there are no planned tours yet.

Carvers’ Corner

Harry May announced a reminder that the carvers will meet at Phil Bishops' Shop on April 5th at 0830 to 1130.  The subject of emphasis will be sharpening the tools we normally use in carving.  Steve Shores and others will be sharing their expertise in this area.  Bring a tool or two that you have difficulty sharpening.

Sassafras Identification slides from Tom Gillard

Identification clues given by Tom

Show and Tell


Jim Wright – Basswood bust of a mountain man.  His client has home in the Adirondacks with three newel posts.  Two had Indian heads so the client wanted a mountain man for the third.  Jim finished the bust with linseed oil thinned with turpentine.  Then he used artist oils to dry brush on the highlights.

Jay Hazel – Inside out turning of candlesticks using maple and walnut.  Challenging to do.  Jay explained the process.

Doyle McConnell – Oak Burl pen and letter opener set.  Use them for presents which are well received.

Tom Gillard – Mock-up of mantle for a client.  Once measurements are known he’ll make the full size mantle.

Ross Roepke – Several boxes.  Long walnut box with sliding top.  Chestnut box with walnut handle.  The chestnut came from a Club member (Ralph?).  The chestnut splinters.  A maple long slender box.  A larger figured walnut jewelry box using book faced walnut.

Doug Dunlap – Three pepper mills made with kits and walnut turnings.

Loyd Ackerman – English library stool of walnut left over from walnut table shown last month.

Jim Parker – Adirondack chair made from cypress.  Still negotiating the finish.  Found that the cypress is brittle and chips out.  Took a long time to put all the stainless screws in.

Jim VanCleave – Cherry Queen Ann style chest using techniques used at Tom Cowan’s session on decorating furniture.  Jim used cherry from the baseboards of his father’s house.

Ken Gould – Top structure for an old Singer sewing machine.  Ken got with Geoff Roehm to resaw the cherry he used to get a book matched top and shelf.  He used contact cement to put a plywood base under the ½” thick top.

Felix Rees – Cherry box with trays from material that his Dad had.  He bought a new lathe and has one for sale.

Ken Burgess – Lighthouse carving and several small buildings from cottonwood bark.  He used a rotary tool with a 1/32” bit to make the windows on the small windows.

Harry May – Stool with several carvings in the legs; a sphere, elephant, cobra snake, and a wood spirit.

Bob Leonard – Red bird carving sitting on a boxwood base.  Painted red and black.

Bob Addington – Mounting jig for a 5” – 5 hole random orbit sander.  Solves the problem of aligning the disk with the sander base.  He had about 40 to hand out.

Matt Brothers – Jewelry and lingerie chest of cherry (54” high, 22” wide, 18” deep).  Doyle McConnell tutored him on turning the legs for the chest.  Used flocking for the bottom of the jewelry drawers.

Geoff Roehm – Sassafras figure on several plaques made with his CNC router tool.  It took about 12 minutes for each.  The sassafras stained dark to match a vanity reconstruction.  He used clip art to come up with the design.



Anthony Watts preceded the program with a rundown on the planning for the 2008 programs with a preview of what’s to come.

The informative program started with a virtual tour of Old Williamsburg, VA and a program that Anthony attended this past year.  The program showed several pieces of 18th century furniture made with the old tools.  Anthony then went into the tools used for making furniture in that period showing some of his hand tools he uses.