Minutes for December 17, 2007

Tennessee Valley Woodworkers


Tom Gillard called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM in room H111 at UTSI.

Tonight’s Guests:

  1. Bob Fountain from Tullahoma
  2. Charles Waller from Tullahoma
  3. Parker Crouch from Tullahoma
  4. Aaron Webb from Tullahoma
  5. Jay Hagel and his wife
  6. Allen O’Dell from Copper Center, Alaska (The guest who traveled the farthest to join us!)
  7. Ed Nailer from Winchester

New members as of November, 2007: 

           Jim Jolliffe and David Felix


            *A reminder from Jim Steadman, treasurer, to members -- Dues are due and will be    accepted during and after the meeting.  He also reminded members that he had TVW hats for sale for $5 each.

             *A big thank you to Chuck Taylor for doing Slinters.

             *The goodies sign-up was passed around.

             *Thanks to the Rees and Taylor families for the goodies tonight!


Thanks to Henry Davis for doing the coffee for the past two months. A plea for someone to take the job for 2008 was made. 

Felix Rees volunteered. (Thanks, Felix!)

(A tree pictured on the screen was identified as a Honey Locust at this point in the meeting.)

Old Business:

            Tom Gillard thanked everyone for helping with the club throughout 2007 in various capacities.

New Business:

Jim Wright announced a class on carving whimsical houses on January 5, 2008 from 8 to 12 at his shop.

Bob Addington showed a DVD on how to make a round crib.  He made it for his great-granddaughter, Jennifer.  Chuck Taylor advised us that it was for a “well-rounded child.” J


Tom Gillard called for an early break so that Anthony Watts and his helpers could get the photos for the large show and tell program ready. Thanks for the hard, fast work, Anthony!

Show and Tell Called:


1.      Jay Hazel (President of the Stones River Club)– Curly Cherry greenwood bowl turned into a platter,  inside out turned Christmas tree ornament,  bowl turned from firewood,  two (2) stave bowls,  Bottle stopper,  Nightstand with book rack made from ash, and Beetle tongs for crushing Japanese beetles. J

2.      Our Alaskan Guest, Allen O’Dell – Fish hook/trap carved from Alder based on a native design for catching Halibut; Diamond Willow walking stick.

3.      Ken Webb – Photo frame from Hickory; Table with offset legs to slide under a bed and give writing space.

4.      Bob Addington – circular crib seen in DVD and circular routing jig.

5.      Art Brickse – Folding deck rocking chair from white oak.

6.      Jim Wright – Stylized driftwood carvings (Rhino; Camel; Stork; 2 Geese)

7.      Ralph Hand – Eastern Juniper (or Red Cedar) duck carving.

8.      Anthony Watts – Gave away plans and old woodworking magazines.

9.      Dick Wollam – Platter with Southwestern Native American designs copied from a stamp design.

10.  Jim Van Cleave – Cherry Queen-Anne tilt-top table.

11.  Stuart Gaetjens – Child’s rocker with Caned Chair Seat and reed basket using “underwater” technique.

12.  Will Gaetjens -- Robot man made from tractor part patterns his relatives got from workplace, an old factory.

13.  Chuck Taylor –2  Boxes from Ambrosia Maple (work in progress); Potpourri dish; Mystery wood bowl from some tree in West Tennessee

14.  Bob Leonard – Carved eagles his mother gave him 45 years ago

15.  Newton Wright – Hummingbird nest perch.

16.  Ross Roepke – Box from special dark walnut; Cedar box with maple trim; Box from cherry molding; 2 old planes.

17.  Doyle McConnell – Shaker peg and Shaker candle hanging fixture patterned after one in Shakertown, Kentucky.  (He suggested we visit Shakertown and Berea, also.)

18.  Ken Gould – 2 carved fish, one from pine, and one from palonia; carving from walnut (frog?); Japanese carved walnut with tiny faces.

19.  Felix Rees – Finial for wife’s lamp; Lamp base he turned from tulip poplar out of an old church.

20.  Deacon Taylor – 2 red oak boxes with tile sides.

21.  Milner Carden – Scroll Saw sled (by late member) Don Helton; several wooden ties made by a guy in Alabama, carved wooden shoes.

22.  Jim Carden – Cherry pedestal bowl; solid brass turned candle holders; 50 yr old captain’s arm chair; homemade spindle gouge.

23.  Loyd Ackerman – Broken vase turned in 1997; natural edge bowl turned in 2002; hinged box turned this week.

24.  Matt Brothers & Ray Cole – mahogany dining chair and fluted legs.  Ray used a legacy milling machine to router the legs.

25.  Gary Runyon – Shafton Glassline sharpening system using glass impregnated with diamonds, and Japanese hand planes.

26.  Maurice Ryan – Paper towel holder, photos of clock and boxes, which were recent projects.

27.  Louis Bryant – several turned bowls, 5 different woods used.

28.  Tom Gillard – Inlay belt buckle made in 1988 , inlaid Cross, Sailboat, boat hull, Winfield Bennett style wooden chain with router jig to make it, airfoil model, cane from laminated wood, Box for Boyscout Eagle pin, and a clock.

29.  Johnny Brown – several bowls, first one made from wood from Tom Cowan’s workshop (Tom Church helped him rough it out, and he finished it.),  one bowl made from an Ash tree on the courthouse square, a bowl from apple wood, and 2 bowls from spalted Hackberry

30.  Luke Buchanan(a young apprentice of Tom Cowan’s) – turned candle holder, Shaker stool, and painted candle holder

31.  Karen Kerce Browning – Accidental urn in wire candle stand.

32.  Jim Jollitgreenman carving (human face in leaf pattern); Nut cracker with music box.

33.  Henry Davis – 4 bowls including a rough turned one for a lesson. Finished were of cherry (2) and spalted hackberry

34.  Larry Bowers – Fragmented bowl taped up.

35.  Doug Dunlap – two bowls from layered dry wood.

36.  Dave Whyte – Working lathe made from walnut and several jigs to go with it.

37.  Andy Weaver & Dean Lutz – Shotgun case with box joint corners for their preacher.

38.  Paul Jalbert – Wooden back hoe toy that a child could ride on and operate. Plans were from Popular mechanics, May, 1981.



The super-colossal show-and-tell meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

A great time was had by all!