Tennessee Valley Woodworkers

Monthly Meeting – November 20, 2007


The meeting was held in Room H111 at UTSI, Tom Gillard Jr. presiding.


Guests: Milner and Martha Cardin and Leon Tate                   

New Members from October meeting: Don Terry, McMinnville and Ken Webb, Tullahoma

New Members Tonight: Jim Jolliffe and Dave Felix


·        Tom Gillard announced the death of Bob Lowrance.

·        Newsletters are available from Chuck Taylor or on the web site.

·        Thanks to:  Henry Davis for doing the coffee, Fred Heltsley and Deacon Taylor for refreshments

·        Thanks to Houston & Lillie Clark for doing the coffee for 2007

·        We need volunteers to make the coffee next year.

·        Segmented vessel turning workshop December 1

·        Christmas party will be Dec. 7 

Old business:

·        Dan Maher thanked the presenters of the fall seminar for a job well done and Collins Roan for use of his shop.  The seminar came out with a positive balance of $5.  Breakeven was the goal. 

·        Doyle McConnell gave final report on Coffee County Fair.

New business:

·        Loyd Ackerman discussed segmented vessel turning workshop information.

·        Tom Cowan discussed Mary’s progress on the Christmas party preparations.

·        Dick Woolam asked the Carvers to meet at the break to discuss future plans.

·        2008 Officers nomination committee information.  Because of Bob Lowrance’s untimely death, Karen Kerce Browning agreed to be the Secretary candidate.  The nominations were announced again:

                        President -- Tom Gillard Jr.

                        Vice-president -- Anthony Watts

                        Secretary – Karen Kerce Browning

                        Treasurer -- Jin Steadman

                        Publicity Chairman -- Louis Bryant

                         Newsletter Editor -- Chuck Taylor

Bob Reese made a motion that the nominees be elected by acclimation.  Geoff Roehm seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimously passed. 


  • A short video of highlights from the fall seminar was shown.


Show and Tell: 


  • Jim VanCleave – Queen Anne leg from fall seminar and three additional legs to go with it.
  • Sharon Wright – Scroll Saw ornaments and a discussion on pens for signing your work.
  • Jay Hazel – Mandolin
  • Geoff Roehm – Parlor Guitar work in progress
  • Joe Kuhn – Slide show on his accident with a router bit and an extension table for his table saw using ceramic magnets as an attachment means.  He also showed a dolly for transporting sheet goods.
  • Anthony Watts – Windsor High Chair for Megan.  The first made in his own shop.
  • Dick Wollam – Deep relief dragon that won the blue ribbon at the Huntsville art show.
  • Chuck Taylor – Display case for a football autographed by Ohio State notables, a natural edge Bradford pear bowl, and a bowl made from mystery wood.
  • Ross Roepke – Two boxes.  One using cherry molding and having a figured walnut top.  The other made from poplar, cedar, and walnut.