APRIL 17, 2007


The Tennessee Valley Woodworkers monthly meeting was called to order by President Tom Gillard, Jr. Tuesday April 17, 2007 at 7:00 pm at UTSI, Room H-111.  There were 74 people in attendance, including visitors.  Guests L. E. Wright and Leon Baker were introduced to the club and Scott James, a new member was welcomed.. 


ANNOUNCEMENTS: The president  expressed the appreciation from the members to the Clarks for preparing the coffee and to Ken Gould and Felix Rees for providing the snacks.


Tom requested that other members participate in providing refreshments. He circulated a sign-up sheet for the remaining 4 slots.


Dogwood Days Festival: Ken Gould, chairperson for this event, thanked club members for their help and support. The club has been approached regarding participating in the Polly Crockett Festival scheduled in September.  This will be discussed at a later date.


The Carver’s next meeting is scheduled for Saturday May 5. The site of the meeting has not been determined yet.


Doyle McConnell announced the Shop Tour scheduled for Saturday, April 21st.  Those interested need to meet at the Swiss Bakery at 8AM for breakfast in Tracy City.  There will be a tour of The Marugg Company followed by a visit to Dean Lute’s shop.


Doyle also noted that the club had received a note from the Manchester Municipal Arts Center thanking everyone for their donations to help in the rebuilding of the facility which was destroyed by fire.


Collins Roane brought catalogs to share from WHITESIDE.  He noted that he had found that the prices were good and purchases could be made through  www.RouterBits.com.or www.holbren.com.


Matt Brothers announced the upcoming Spring Seminar “Chair Making with Greg Pennington” at the shop of Tom Cowan. This is scheduled for a full day, May 12th, in which a chair will be made.  The cost will be $40 if paid in advance or $45 if paid at the door.      


Fred Heltsley stated that 12 books on “Windsor Chairs” had been ordered and should be shipped to him this week.


Loyd Ackerman requested that interested members sign up for a future class in Movie Making & Editing, which he would volunteer to conduct.  The Executive Committee was given a presentation recently and found it helpful in producing video clips for meetings as well as personal use.  








Henry Davis showed a horizontal router stand which he made.

Ken Miller brought pictures of a cherry cabinet he recently finished.  He explained the process of working with wide boards to avoid warping. The inset doors had no visible hinges.

Ken Gould displayed 2 butternut wood spirit carvings. He particularly noted the changes in the color of one of the pieces, due to aging.

Billy May displayed a “Gecko” carving which he made for Lillie Clark.

Dave Whyte brought six sculptured band saw boxes for display.   He had used cherry, poplar and quarter sawn oak.

Jim Wright shared a four foot tall carved warrior, which is a commissioned piece made as part of a set. This is to be displayed in a “War” game room.

Ross Roepke displayed several boxes, many of which were book matched.  Two boxes were of Curley Maple with inlay tops, one of which was Oak Burl and the other Carpathian Elm.

Lewis Bryant recently began making pens and brought a display case showing numerous pens of different types wood.

Doyle McConnell brought a bowl made from cherry wood that Jim Acord had given him.  He gave the bowl to Jim.

Maurice Ryan displayed a clock that he had recently made.  It was inset into a natural shaped board which had retained the bark.

Bill Davis shared pictures of bookcases that he has made from cherry.  These were designed to span 16 feet.  He had particular interest in the type joint that had been used in this design.


“Show and Tell” was followed by a brief video preview of the May and June programs. The two-part program will be on the topic of “Bowl Turning” from green wood and will show many details of the process. The programs will feature Tom Cowan.


Following a brief break, Program Chairman, Matt Brothers introduced Walter Clement, who presented the program on the use of “Sketching” in developing wood working projects.


Minutes submitted by: Chuck Taylor