Tennessee Valley Woodworkers

Monthly Meeting

January 16, 2007


The meeting was held in Room H111 at UTSI.


Welcome to visitors; Raymond Jones and Gene Hobbs


New Member; Bob Addington and Kevin Duremyre



Newsletters are available from Chuck Taylor or on the web site.

Thanks to; The Clarks for coffee, The Ackermans and McConnels for refreshments

Introduction of the 2007 Executive Council

Tom Gillard – President

Matt Brothers – Vice president

Jim Steadman – Treasurer

*Bob Lowrance – Secretary

*Larry Bowers – Publicity Chairman

*Chuck Taylor – Splinters Editor

* returning members

2007 dues are due and payable $10.00 single, $15.00 family

Last year survey is being used for program guidance.


Old business; None


New business; Ken Gould; Dogwood Festival plans are underway, a sign up sheet planned for next meeting.

                        Scott Short; Cards for a new business “Curley Maple” in Cowan are available. They will do consignments.

                        Mike ; Has a cherry tree to be cut up.

                        Tom Gillard Jr.; Woodcraft will have a Windsor Chair workshop.

                        Larry Bowers; Showed a photo of Phil Bishop receiving a pie as payment for help in staining a cane bottom chair.



Show and Tell;

Henry Davis – Ripping aid for a table saw

Tom Cowan – Cabinet doors photos of, Cabinet, stairway, entertainment center, fireplace mantel, bed and end tables

Bob Lowrance – Photos of workbench

Tom Gillard Jr. – photos of headboard, fireplace mantel, plane wing

Ken Burgess – Eagle carved from driftwood

Doyle McConnell – Turned box from Taiwan, Walking stick

Newt Wright – Wooden P. O. box with lock

 Ross Roepke – Jewelry box and Table tops

Larry Bowers – Turned bowl

Dick Wollam – Carved butler

Jim Van Cleave – Table

Scott Short – Turned bowl and pitcher

?                 - Rocker

Ken Gould – Relief and caricature carvings


Program; Tom Cowan –Spindle turning basics