Tennessee Valley Woodworkers

Monthly Meeting


The meeting was held in the Duck River Electric meeting room in Dechard, TN.

President Loyd Ackerman called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm Tuesday Aug. 15, 2006.

There were 68 members and guests present.


Welcome to visitors; Dennis Mas, Kevin Deuermeyer, and Jim Wright.



Newsletters are available from Chuck Taylor or on the web site.

Thanks to; Jim Steadman for coffee Ruth Ryan and Sharon Bryant break goodies.

Splinter carvers will meet at Jim Wright’s Thursday at 6:00.

Shop tour Aug. 19, meet at Manchester Shonies for breakfast at 8:00 am visit John Brown, David Whyte, and Bob Reese shops.

Coffee County Fair Sept 18 – 23, 5:00 each day except Tuesday

Christmas party Dec. 8 location TBD

Fall Seminar Nov. 4 at Forest Mill Church of Christ

September program to be given by Jim Wright

Survey Results;

Will be posted on web site and sent to those without access to the web

Executive committee met to review/discuss the results

Areas needing attention are show and tell and meeting place

Show and tell will project photos of work while presenter discusses it

Meeting place will be changed to UTSI, advantages and directions were given


Old business; none


New business; Tom Gillard told of Ed Matchett loosing part of two fingers and thumb to a table saw.


Show and Tell;

Henry Davis – Video of a shop cart

Ross Roepke – Photos of a bar

Doyle McConnell – Photos of a chandelier

Dan – Photos of a chop saw bench

Maurice Ryan – Jewelry boxes

Ross Roepke – Jewelry box fro molding and a table

Chuck Taylor – Jewelry box

Bob Reese – Turned bowls

Dave Whyte – Band saw box

Jim Accord – Turned bowl from 2005 seminar

Bob Leonard – Cowboy and hillbilly caricatures

Billy May – Mountain man and GEICO gecko

Jim Van Cleave – Dictionary stand

Tom Gillard – Photo of pulpit and a scythe

Loyd Ackerman – Tools for sale

Ross Roepke - Falls Mill in need of help financial and labor



A video tour of Walter Clement’s shop