Tennessee Valley Woodworkers

Monthly Meeting Minutes


The meeting was held at the Duck River Electric meeting room, Dechard, TN.

President Loyd Ackerman called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Tuesday February 21, 2006


He then welcomed the visitors, Coolidge Holt, John Scott, David Allison, Gary and Sandra Penwell, Mike Ledford, and Betty Roberts.


Thanks were extended to Jewel McConnell, Karen Kerce, and Jim Steadman for serving as host to the coffee break.


He announced that 2006 dues are due and should be paid soon.


Announcements were made

            The club made a $35.00 donation to Loyd Murphy’s church in memory of his wife.

            The splinter carvers will meet Feb 23 at 6:30 at Phil Bishop’s

            Shop tours will start March 25. Doyle McConnell, chairman.

             The Dogwood Festival will be April 7, 8 & 9. Ken Gould, chairman

                        A signup sheet was circulated.

                        Also permission has been granted to carve the festival logo.

            A signup sheet was circulated for coffee break refreshments.

            The club has purchased a video camera and tripod.

            Tickets are available for the router drawing, $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00. Drawing to be made at the picnic.


Old business was called for with no response.


New business was called for with no response.


Show and Tell followed;

            Ross Roepke, A Saturday table, step stool, bench, and cedar table

            Bob Lowrance, 5 characters started at a carving school at Lebanon.

            Billy May, A relief carving of Jack Daniels workers.

            Ken Burgess, A Madonna of white cedar.

            Ken Miller, 2 Bowls

            Doyle McConnell, A bowl of birch (fruit-loop wood).

            Greg Seiber, A bowl of buckeye and a segmented one.

            Bill Davis, Bowls and box of hedge wood

            Jim Van Cleave, A relief carving of Sugar pine and sassafras.

            Karen Kerce, 2 maple bowls.

            Dave White, A band saw box.

            Felix Reese, P boxes of various sizes.

            Larry Holbeck, 2 chares from a dining set.

            Loyd Ackerman, A hall table with inlay inspired by Jim Van Cleave.


After a break Tom Cowan introduced Jim Van Cleave who gave the program by video presentation on string inlay.


Bob Lowrance, secretary