OCTOBER 18, 2005


The Tennessee Valley Woodworkers monthly meeting was called to order by president Loyd Ackerman on Tuesday October 18, 2005 at 7:00 pm at the Duck River Building, Winchester, TN. There were 57 people in attendance, including visitors.



The club president, Loyd Ackerman, opened the meeting by welcoming all members and guests.

Jim Acord announced a Field Day at the Jack Daniel Forestry Research Farms in Lynchburg on November 5, sponsored by the UT Extension Office. Also included will be a tour of the recycle plant.

Bob Reese expressed his appreciation for the support of club members during the loss of his son.

Loyd reminded club members of the 10% discount off advertised prices from Woodline and Woodline would pay taxes on items bought directly at the LaVergne location.

Loyd announced that Woodcraft would be having a two-year anniversary sale at their local store on October 21 & 22.

The carvers will meet Thursday (October 20) at 6:30PM, hosted by Phil Bishop.

The Christmas party/Twenty Year Anniversary Celebration will be December 9. The Party/Celebration will be held at the Tullahoma American Legion and the cost is $15 each, with a choice of steak or chicken as an entrée. The club is now taking reservations for the celebration dinner.

Dixie Woodworks has a Jet band saw and a Craftsman table saw for sale.



Coffee County Fair: Loyd expressed the club’s appreciation to Doyle, for organizing the Coffee County Fair activities. Everyone had a good time.

Fall Seminar: Appreciation and congratulations go to Matt Brothers and David Jacobs (co-chairmen) and to their committee members for the outstanding fall seminar. Andy Rae presented the program “Furniture Making” to about 50 people.

Dogwood Festival: The Winchester Festival will be held April 7-9, 2006. Ken Gould will coordinate the event and will have more detailed information as the date approaches.

International Association of Recreation Leadership Conference: TVW Club members will conduct workshops at the DuBose Conference Center in Monteagle on Oct. 19-23. Crocia Roberson is the club contact for this activity.



The nominating committee consisted of Henry Davis (chairman), Matt Brothers and Chuck Taylor. The chairman gave the committee report, recommending the following officers for 2006:

President:                     Loyd Ackerman

Vice-Chairman:              Tom Cowan

Secretary:                     Bob Lowrance

Treasurer:                     Henry Davis

Publicity:                       Larry Bowers

Newsletter Editor:  Chuck Taylor

The election of officers will be next month and the floor will be open for additional nominations.

A drawing was held for a “zero clearance” insert, donated by Woodline. The winner was Kenneth Clark.



Maurice Ryan brought pictures of a pumpkin, carved from cedar and a cedar chair. Also, he showed pictures of very detailed carvings from a church in Texas, where he had recently visited.

Tom Gillard brought an inlet wing sample, made during the final manufacturing phase of his recent project. Everything else was too large to bring.

Tom Cowan displayed a “collection plate” that he had carved raised shapes around the upper edge of the turning. The finish was oil, walnut stain and lacquer.

Henry Davis brought a doll bed he made for a granddaughter. He showed a video slide of the doll bed, from which he got the design.

David Whyte brought a small wagon that he had repaired and replaced all the wood. He also brought four “Band saw” boxes that he had just finished.

Jim Acord displayed an Apothecary chest he had made for tools. The chest was made from sugar pine and finished with water-based polyurethane. The chest turned out so well his wife wanted it in the house and Jim had to get some plastic bins for his tools.

Jim Roy brought two bowls that he had turned. One was maple and the other was ash. He recommended a woodturning book for beginners, which had been of great help to him.



Bob Lowrance presented a program about his carving experiences. He discussed the John C. Campbell School, where he has taken carving classes. He highly recommends the school.

Bob gave a good general presentation concerning overall carving examples and discussed many methods of getting the inspiration for his carvings. He gets ideas from book, magazines, catalogs and patterns. He passed around a series of books and magazines he had used to get some of his “subjects”.

Bob also had a video presentation to help in his discussion of carving, in addition to all the many samples he passed through the group. He showed samples of 2-D, 3-D blanks and “glue-up” designs he often uses.

Safety was discussed. Bob uses a Kevlar glove and a thumb guard for protection. 

Bob usually finishes with acrylic paints (cut with water to soften tones) and a final coat of spray-on acrylic or Deft.


Refreshments were provided by Phil and Barbara Keen.


Minutes by Chuck Taylor, Secretary