MARCH 15, 2005


The Tennessee Valley Woodworkers monthly meeting was called to order by president Loyd Ackerman on Tuesday March 15, 2005 at 7:00 pm at the Duck River Building, Winchester, TN.

There were 54 people in attendance, including visitors.



Loyd announced that we had 2 visitors at the meeting. They were Joel Muehlhauser and Dan Maher.

Everyone was reminded that the club picnic would be May 21st at Falls Mill.

Tom Cowan discussed the Woodworkers Weekend that he, Doyle McConnell and Jim Van Cleave attended at Arrowmont in Gatlinburg.  The East Tennessee Woodworking Guild was in charge.

The DVD video, “The Woodworkers Edge”, is being viewed by the club members.  Please pass to the next requester when through viewing. 



Franklin County Library: The Franklin County Library cabinets are complete.  This was a club project headed by Tom McGill. 


Dogwood Days Festival: The Festival is scheduled for April 15,16 & 17, 2005. The Club booth will be located in Woody’s Bicycle Shop on High Street.  The club will be demonstrating and selling during the festival.  The activity chairperson, Ken Gould, is developing a list of club members willing to work/demonstrate. A list was passed to sign for participation. 


Spring Turning Bee: The Turning Bee will be held at Tom Cowan’s shop on May 14th. Additional information will follow.



Loyd announced a fundraiser for the club. The purpose of the fundraiser will be to raise additional money toward the purchase audio/visual equipment for the club and to help defray the cost of the Celebration Dinner. Donations would be made to the club through purchasing tickets for a drawing. The drawing will be for the Delta dust collector, donated by Delta, and the Jet midi-lathe, donated by General Industrial Supply.



Loyd Ackerman discussed the segmented vessel that he had constructed using blood wood, lyptus, red heart and maple.

Bob Leonard had his first Gold Finch bird carving. He had carved and painted it.  Great work Bob.

Doyle McConnell had four vessels made from an apple tree that had blown down. He also had a vessel and a bowl made from wood obtained from Chuck Taylor.  The finish was gloss lacquer.

Jim Van Cleave had a piecrust serving tray that was a work in progress. The wood was walnut cut in 1973 and stored. He had cut the grove for the stringing with a scratch stock. He commented on how it had still warped after machining. Could it have been the high speed routing process Jim?

Harry May had carved Otis the Bulldog, for his friend, from basswood, and Chief Joseph from English walnut.

Ross Roepke had a three legged stool made from curly maple.  It is to be given to an Alzheimer charity auction. 

Tom Church commented on how nice digital cameras are and some of the requirements of making a good picture. He had a photo album of some of his work. Great job Tom.

Dick Wollam had a carving of a group of dolphins jumping in the waves.  The dolphins were carved from pine.

Bob Lowrance had completed a Cowboy carving that he had started at John C. Campbell Craft School.

Harold Hewgley had a nice Cherry bowl that he had turned and finished with Danish oil and gloss poly.

Ken Miller made two checkerboards for his grandchildren. They were made from Cherry, Maple and Walnut wood.



Wayne Sutter from Woodline presented the program, demonstrating the use of the dovetail / decorative connection router fixtures that he builds. He also covered some of the products sold by http://www.Woodline.com.

Woodline is sponsoring a tool show at the 24 Expo Center on June 15,16, and 17. Admission will be about $4 and children accompanied by a parent will be admitted free.

Wayne also gave the club three positions in a router table building workshop that he is holding at his shop. The only expense is the cost of the material. He also committed his business to be a participant in all our fundraisers. He also announced a 10% discount to all club members purchasing items from Woodline.

Having done all the above he gave out two door prizes; a Laser saw alignment fixture and a 31/4 hp plunge router.  Newt Wright won the Laser alignment fixture and Harry May won the router.

Wayne also gave the Club a very nice set of router bits to be given away at the next designated club event.