FEBRUARY 2-22-2005


The Tennessee Valley Woodworkers monthly meeting was called to order by president Loyd Ackerman on Tuesday February 22, 2005 at 7:00 pm at the Duck River Building, Winchester, TN.

There were 60 people in attendance, including visitors.



Loyd announced that the Jim and Ellen Steadman were in need of a volunteer to make the coffee at the February meeting.

The club membership dues for 2005 are now payable. If you have not paid, please see Henry Davis at the next meeting.

Loyd had new business cards handed out to those wanting them. The purpose of the cards is to inform others about club activities and to promote interest in the club by those that may not know of the club.

A DVD from Woodworker’s Edge was discussed and a signup sheet was passed for those members wishing to view the DVD. The DVD explains, step by step, the making and finishing of a small chest.

Loyd announced that the club might have a couple of raffles to raise money for the club. One may be during the club picnic.

Tom Cowen announced that four members were attending the East Tn. Woodworking Guild at Arrowmont this month. Tom also mentioned that the club had received a note from Hugh Hurst, a former member.



Franklin County Library: Tom McGill reported on the status of this project. The storage cabinets have been started at Ray Cole’s shop. The drawers will be made in Tom’s shop and he will be contacting those that signed up to help with this project.

Dogwood Days Festival: The Festival is scheduled for April 15,16 & 17, 2005. The activity chairperson, Ken Gould, is developing a list of club members willing to work/demonstrate during the festival. Please contact Ken if you can help. The booth area will be an indoor site and will be secure during of-hours.



No new business was presented at this meeting.



Ross Roepke brought an oak table and explained the details of how he made the front section. The front, including the drawer fronts, were made from one single piece, making the entire front section matching in grain pattern. He also showed a cross he had made for the church.

Jim Van Cleave displayed a walnut relief carving of a vine. He also brought a bed headboard of his own design, finished with varnish. He had carved rosebuds on the posts. The walnut came from his grandfather’s farm.

Steve Shores brought some mahogany spoons that he had made and a mirror he turned, with a decretive carving on the back.

Dick Wollam brought and discussed a yellow pine carving of a duck painted with acrylic.

Loyd Murphy brought two goblets made from green cedar.

Tom Cowan showed and discussed a scrapbook put together by John Sargent. The scrapbook was a collection of projects John had made over the years.

Chuck Taylor brought a bowl made from box elder. He also brought a bed and a chair from a set of doll furniture being made for his granddaughter’s third birthday.



The program was presented by Delta/Porter-Cable representatives. They discussed their product line and surveyed the group concerning the type equipment club members were using. Their purpose was to glean information from woodworkers and relay the information back to the tool engineers, with the intent being to make a better product.

The major meeting topic was a discussion on portable planers. The group was surveyed concerning planers and jointers. The reps. gathered information about usage and applications of the equipment used by club members. They also made a list of likes/dislikes of the portable planers, and then narrowed down the list of dislikes to the top five items.

The information will be used in evaluation of existing and future product improvement.

The representatives donated a portable vacuum system and a tabletop drill press to the club for future door prizes.



Refreshments were provided by Martha Taylor.