The Tennessee Valley Woodworkers monthly meeting was called to order by president Ken Gould on Tuesday December 21, 2004 at 7:00 pm at the Duck River Building, Winchester, TN.

There were 54 people in attendance, including visitors.



Ken announced that club dues for next year are now being accepted.

The Christmas party held on December 10, coordinated by the Clarks and Richard Gulley, was a huge success and everyone enjoyed the food and fellowship. The three door prizes were won by David Raithel ($300 gift certificate from the Franklin Woodcraft store), Geoff Roehm (Jet air filter, donated by General Industrial Supply) and Collins Roan (Jet Mortising machine, donated by General Industrial Supply). Ken also expressed appreciation to the musicians for providing the music and to Richard Gulley for leading the holiday singing.

Ken announced that the splinter group of carvers would meet on the third Thursday of each month. The next meeting will be hosted by Phil Bishop at 6:30.

Frank Grisard, a long time member, passed away and the club made a memorial donation to the American Cancer Society.

Ken, on behalf of the club, thanked the Ryans for making the coffee during the year. They have requested the club get new volunteers to perform this task for the coming year. Ken ask for volunteers to fill the requirement for the coming year. 

Ken expressed his appreciation to everyone that took part in the club activities during the year and recapped the 2004 activities of the club.



Franklin County Library Request: There was no information presented concerning this project.


Manchester Art Center Exhibition:  Loyd Ackerman thanked the club members that participated in the Manchester Arts Center exhibit during the month of December. The Arts Center expressed their appreciation to the club for the wonderful exhibit. This was a great way to gain exposure for our club.


The Dogwood Festival is on schedule for April of next year. Additional information concerning the event will be forthcoming early next year.



No new business was discussed at the meeting.



The December meeting is a giant show and tell activity for the members.

Jim Acord brought 2 desk pads for holding templates, etc. he also showed a ladder type quilt rack to display his wife’s quilts. The quilt rack was finished with gel stain and then a mixture of equal parts of tung oil, spar varnish and turpentine.

Matt Brothers brought a sleigh that he had made 10 years ago and a meal tray with dowels to hold and stack food for delivery to senior citizens.

Harry May displayed a 1972 “End of Trail” carving and a new “American Horse” carving that he had recently finished.

Steven Savelle brought a walnut “ring” puzzle that he had made 30 years ago. He also brought a hand painted Santa Claus, carved in 1998 from a pine 2X4, a small Santa that he carved this year and an assortment of turned and carved ornaments made from various wood types.

Bill Davis brought a cherry bookcase. He used cherry stain and “Old Dad’s” wipe-on for the finish.

Jim Van Cleave brought and discussed a portable swivel lamp he purchased for $8.95 to provide additional local lighting. He also brought an iris carving (white pine) and a blue bell carving (cherry, in-process). He explained the use of a small router to quickly remove lots of excess wood during his carving process.

Bob Lowrance brought one of his early carvings, a Santa and one from last year, which was a Santa head spoon.

Dick Wollam brought a rooster, carved from pine 12 years ago and a lion carving that was finished with 2 coats of shellac and clear enamel.

Geoff Roehm brought flowers he had carved from Spanish cedar. He demonstrated the technique he used in the carving and gave each lady one of the flowers.

Gary Runyon brought and discussed a very old violin that he had inherited from his grandfather and reconditioned by Bob Reese.

Bob Leonard brought 3 goblets and a wooden rotary clock made years ago by Miller Jernigan.

Jim Parker brought a cherry table with traditional joints and hand-cut dovetail joints on the drawer. The table was finished with tung oil. He also brought pictures of the shop that he is constructing.

Ken Miller showed pictures of his latest project, a dinette table and matching chairs and an entertainment center.

Bob Reese showed his latest beautiful violin, no. 19 and also brought no. 1, which was built 15 years ago. Bob says he has learned a lot between no. 1 and no. 15. His wife agrees.

Henry Davis brought a lantern holder, made 19 years ago. He used tung oil for the finish.

Loyd Murphy displayed two bowls, one made from box elder and the other from ambrosia maple. He also brought a bowl made by his brother in 1932.

Maurice Ryan brought a stained glass lamp, with a wooden base he had made.

Loyd Ackerman displayed his first segmented bowl and a closed vase (that may have a Genie inside).

Doyle McConnell brought a small diameter long stem goblet and discussed the technique he used for turning the small diameter long stem.

Ken Gould showed a small box with a hand-carved design and his 1990 carving of a coyote. He also discussed how to install a new hammer handle and showed a new roughing gouge he had forged. 

Tom Gillard discussed a new hybrid wood called lytus and displayed a sample.

Ross Roepke displayed a modern design table with book-matched drawer fronts. The table was made from butternut and Tennessee cherry. The finish was deft oil sanded with 220 grit wet/dry paper and then applied and sanded with wet/dry 400 grit.



There was no technical program presented during the December meeting.


Refreshments: Refreshments were provided by Crocia Roberson, Bill Davis and Ken Gould.