NOVEMBER 11-16-2004

The Tennessee Valley Woodworkers monthly meeting was called to order by president Ken Gould on Tuesday November 16, 2004 at 7:00 pm at the Duck River Building, Winchester, TN.

There were 63 people in attendance, including one visitor.


Ken announced that club dues for next year will be due soon. The club will begin accepting the dues at the December meeting.

Jean Vaughn announced that a 25-year-old blue spruce tree, cut from their property in Rutherford County, will be displayed at the state Capital during the Christmas holidays.

Ken announced that, due to discussions held after the Carving Seminar, a splinter group of those interested in carving will meet the third Thursday of each month. The meeting will be at Harry May’s house in Belvedere.

The Christmas party is scheduled for December 10 at 5:00. A sign-up sheet was passed around to get a representative number of those expecting to attend. Coffee and soft drinks will be furnished and “Russ and the Splinter Pickers” will be performing. Also, you are encouraged to bring something that you have made for the door prizes. Don’t forget that the club has three really nice gifts to be given away at the party.

Howard Coulson’s wife passed away and the club provided a memorial donation in her memory.

The December club meeting will be a big show and tell. Ken encouraged all members to participate in the meeting by bringing some old and new items to discuss.

Ken presented the nominees for club officers for 2005 and ask for any nominations from the floor. No additional nominees were identified.

The nominees were:

President – Loyd Ackerman

Vice President – Tom Cowan

Secretary – Chuck Taylor

Treasurer – Henry Davis

Newsletter Editor – Tom Gillard

Publicity – Larry Bowers

A nomination was made by Bob Reese to close the nominations and the nominees be elected by acclamation. Bob Leonard seconded the motion. The motion carried and the officers were elected.

The Ryans have made the coffee for the meetings this year and have requested the club to get new volunteers to perform this task for the coming year.


Franklin County Library Request: There was no additional information presented concerning this project.

Manchester Art Center Exhibition:  Loyd Ackerman is the club contact for the exhibit to be held during the Pinocchio play. He announced that the Playhouse exhibit would be open December 9 – 12 and Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the following week. The exhibit will be open during the play dates and some additional hours. Loyd will give specific information concerning times/dates to the participants, as the exhibit date approaches.

The Dogwood Festival, scheduled for April of next year is set. Additional information concerning the event will be forthcoming early next year.

Carving Seminar:  The Carving Seminar, led by Phil Bishop, was held on October 23. The seminar was very well received by all attendees. Thanks to Phil for hosting this interesting event.


No new business was discussed at the meeting.


Doyle McConnell brought a tapered pedestal column. He discussed the techniques used to make the segment joints and showed the cutter used to form the joints. The finish was lacquer.

Steve Shores displayed some of his beautiful Christmas ornaments and a ladies hand mirror he had made.

Chuck Taylor brought a large red maple bowl, an oak CD case he made for a grandchild, and a set of “ABC” blocks made from Bradford pear. All items were finished with lacquer.

Doug Dunlap brought a small box for holding a deck of cards. The cherry and walnut box was decorated with very detailed chip carvings and was finished with spar varnish.

Ross Roepke brought and discussed some various saw blades. He also discussed a new non-vibrating blade design that he had tried. Ross brought a cutting board made from mahogany and finished with oil.

Phil Bishop brought a project he worked on during the Carving Seminar. It was a cornice board with intricate carved details.

Bob Reese showed an old five-stringed banjo he had restored. His estimate was that the banjo was of the Civil War era. He discussed the techniques used in the restoration and especially the techniques used to save the “wear patterns” on the instrument.

Jim Van Cleave expressed his appreciation to Phil Bishop for hosting the Carving Seminar. He brought a mailbox sign that he carved during the seminar.

Richard Wollam displayed a delicate “dolphin” carving mounted on driftwood.

Gary Runyon brought a “knot spindle” made from walnut.

Tom Church brought and discussed a large hollowing tool with a carbide cutting tool design and brass pad to help prevent gouging. He also brought an offset drill/grinder for finish sanding and discussed his preferred sanding discs.

Bob Petry brought and discussed a piece of paulownia wood.

Ken Gould displayed 2 toolboxes with oak frames, cherry panels, and hand-forged handles. He also brought two letter openers made with cocobolo handles and blades of another exotic wood. Ken discussed an accident he had using a very sharp chisel, while working on a walnut bowl.


The program for this month was “Computer Applications in Woodworking”, presented by Doyle McConnell. He discussed the various CAD programs available to the woodworker and discussed in detail the CAD program he uses (DesignCad). He showed lots of examples of how he used the program to assist him in his woodworking activities.

Doyle also demonstrated two other programs he uses extensively. The computer programs were a table saw miter angle calculation program and a trig calculation program called “AnyAngle”, which is a shareware program.

He also discussed and displayed examples demonstrating the spreadsheet applications used in connection with his woodworking activities.

The program was presented using a laptop computer and a projector. This assisted Doyle in his program presentation and allowed the members to see the actual programs being utilized. 

 Refreshments: Refreshments were provided by Rheta Reese and Crocia Roberson.