JULY MEETING 7/20/2004



The Tennessee Valley Woodworkers monthly meeting was called to order by president, Ken Gould on Tuesday July 20, 2004 at 7:00 pm at the Duck River Building, Winchester, TN.

There were 61 people in attendance, including visitors.



Bob Leonard had found a cherry tree in his neighborhood for give away.

Mat Willard from Porter Cable Co. had a belt cleaning attachment on a belt sander that he wanted comments on.  He passed out a survey and gave a palm sander as a prize for participating.  



Sharpening Workshop: This workshop “from dull to sharp in five minutes”, led by Bob Reese, will be held on July 24. Bob passed a sign up list for people wishing to attend the workshop.  He asked that attendees bring items to be sharpened.


Franklin County Library Request: Tom McGill attended a preliminary meeting with the library and is working on the sizes of the cabinets needed.  They will be approximately 22 feet long.  He will call a meeting of volunteers to decide how to approach the project.



The club decided to support the Coffee County Fair again this year.  Doyle McConnell was drafted to be the chairman.  There is only one more meeting before the fair.


Loyd Ackerman announced that the Manchester Art Center has invited the club to support them with a display in December.  The theme is to be around the play Pinocchio.



Bob Lowrance had two carvings, a cowboy cardholder and a lady dulcimer player.  They both were modifications of another carving pattern he had.

Tom Cowan had photos of his latest creation, an entertainment center that he had designed and built for a client in Nashville.  He discussed the design and build process.

Bob Leonard had a small flag holder that he had made from an eagle that came off a flag poll.  He had fabricated a base for it from spaulted maple.


Tom Few had three turnings.  A vase from cedar firewood, a mulberry lidded box and a purple heart bowl.  These were his first turnings.  I believe he is hooked.

Ross Roepke had a carved cypress stump bowl that he had bought at a craft show.  He also had two business card holders that he had made from a pattern in Wood magazine.

Loyd Ackerman brought two segmented vessels and a spaulted maple bowl.  The process for the segmented vessels was learned at the Provo woodturning symposium he recently attended.  He invited the club to come to his home and get maple bowl blanks that he has stored in his yard.

Drew Savelle had a nice sword that he had made.  It had a very nice laminated handle on it.

Bob Reese had a column that was part of a scale model church building that was to be the collection box for the church congregation.

Harry May brought a large carving of a Navaho woman with a water jug.  The carving was from cherry wood.

Newt Wright brought a segmented bowl that he had made from end cuts of pine 2X4’s.  He discussed how difficult it was to turn the end grain segments.  Nice job Newt.



Glen Lazalier presented the technical program.  He had pictures and a test piece from a laminated curved panel, for a walnut sleigh bed, he had made for his daughter.  The lamination was the most difficult part of the project because of the length.  The bending process required several curved clamps fabricated from 2X6 lumber.  He also had pictures of other projects he had made.



Refreshments for the meeting were furnished by Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Duncan.


Minutes by Doyle McConnell, acting.