The Tennessee Valley Woodworkers monthly meeting was called to order by president, Ken Gould on Tuesday June 15, 2004 at 7:00 pm at the Duck River Building, Winchester, TN.

There were 59 people in attendance, including visitors.



Ken announced that the club had made a donation of $100 to Falls Mill and had received a thank you note from Janie Lovett. He also thanked everyone that helped make the picnic a success.


Bob Leonard conducted the Tree Identification workshop on June 12 at Camp Arrowhead. There were 14 attendees. Appreciation was expressed to Bob for leading this activity.


Tom Cowan has agreed to be the club contact for design questions. Alice Berry had previously filled this position, but is no longer a club member. On behalf of the club, Ken expressed appreciation to Tom for accepting the assignment.


Hugh Hurst expressed his appreciation to the club members for all their help during his time with the club. He is moving to Texas and this was his last meeting before relocating. He did promise to “stay in touch”.



Sharpening Workshop: This workshop, led by Bob Reese, will be held on July 24. Bob suggested that members identify their sharpening interests prior to the workshop, so that he can cover all the items during the session.


Franklin County Library Request: Tom McGill mentioned that the renovation of the library is underway. The club had been contacted last year concerning the possibility of building some cabinets for the library. He expects the cabinets will be needed in about three months. Tom will be calling the members that had volunteered to help with this project to give them job assignments.



No new business was conducted at this meeting.



Bob Lorrance displayed carvings that he had started while attending the John Campbell School. The carvings were of cowboys and had a lot of intricate detailing. 

Harold Hewlegy brought some tools that he had made. They included a mortising plane, a scraper plane (blade made from ‘50 Datsun leaf spring) and a cabinet scraper. All the holders were made from cherry.

Maurice Ryan brought pictures of a furniture repair job. He had started from a “wreck” and the project consisted of rebuilding, repairing, and refinishing the piece of furniture.

Tom Gillard displayed two cherry boxes he had been requested to make. The boxes were to be used to hold the ashes of a cremated pet.

Harvey Carter brought a “bear” chair. This was his beginning woodworking project and was to be built for a child. The plan was obtained from a magazine and was billed as a “weekend” project. He told the story of the project lasting for 5 years and when he was finished, the child had outgrown the chair.

Don Powers brought a piece of chittum wood mounted on a cherry base. The natural chittum made an attractive display.

Kenneth Clark brought a walnut table that he had made and finished with sanding sealer and gloss varnish.

Geoff Roehm showed a picture of his current project. He is installing a CNC milling machine in his shop to make the intricate fixtures used in his guitar manufacturing.

Henry Cox brought 3 scroll saw projects with intricate detailed cuts. He also gave members a tip to keep scroll saws from vibrating so much. He had made a large box for mounting the scroll saw and filled the box with sand to reduce the vibration of the saw.



David Sapp, owner of the new Woodcraft store in Franklin, presented the informative program.  David explained some of the history behind the beginning of Woodcraft. There are currently 74 stores across the country. Woodcraft has a composite web site, listing all the stores and their individual web sites, location and hours of operation. Each web site has information and a schedule, listing all classes being taught at the local stores.


Woodcraft began offering franchised stores in 1997. The Franklin store is one of the franchise locations.


David explained the catalog layout and the monthly flyers, which also has a section to advertise local activities (must have 3 month lead-time for local activities).  He also brought samples of the products sold in the stores and items that were made during the classes.


Bob Reese won the Delta drill, given away by the Woodcraft storeowner.



Refreshments for the meeting were furnished by Ruth Ryan.


Minutes by Chuck Taylor, Secretary