The Tennessee Valley Woodworkers monthly meeting was called to order by president, Ken Gould on Tuesday March 16, 2004 at 7:00 pm at the Duck River Building, Winchester, TN.

There were 76 in attendance, including 2 visitors. This believed to be a record attendance.


Henry Davis, club treasurer, reminded everyone that if current year membership dues have not been paid by the April meeting date, the unpaid member names would be dropped from the roster.

Ken announced that we were still need additional names of people willing to help with the club meeting refreshments. He passed around the sheet for anyone willing to furnish refreshments to sign.


Spring Finishing Seminar: Scheduled for April 24th at the Forrest Mills Church of Christ Annex Building. Loyd reminded members that the early registration was $35. After April 20, the registration fee is $40. The Spring Seminar Committee has purchased a VHS tape and a book, both by Jerry TerHark to give as door prizes at the seminar.

Larry Bowers continues to place flyers in area businesses to publicize the seminar.

Tree Identification Workshop: The date for the “Tree Identification”field trip, led by Bob Leonard, is scheduled for June 12th. The time will be from 8:00 until 12:00. The workshop location will be at Camp Arrowhead. So far, a total of 33 people have signed up for this workshop. Participants should plan to bring water and wear good walking shoes. Bob will be assisted by a local Forrester.

Carving: The Carving Workshop is scheduled for April 17th at the Belvidere Community Center.  The time is 8:30 until 3:00. This workshop will be led by Billy May, who will be assisted by Mary Ellen Lindsay and Bob Lowrance.

The cost is $2, which will cover the building rental. All participants are requested to bring their own carving tools and lunch. Also, added to the workshop, will be sharpening instructions by Bob Reese and Winfield Bennett.

A brochure, detailing the workshop activities, was available for members.

Club Exhibit: Ray Torstenson, who has been the organizer of the proposed club exhibit at the Tullahoma Fine Arts Center, cannot continue with this effort. Ken ask for a volunteer to fill this void. Ken is discussing the vacancy with a couple of members that may be willing to accept the challenge.  More news to follow at the next meeting.


Henry Davis announced that a friend had walnut lumber for sale (various sizes) and wanted $300 for the entire lot. Phone number for information is 455-0355.

Ross Roepke has 150 BF of pecan lumber for sale. Contact him, if interested.

Gary Runyan has tools for sale. They including a Leigh 24” Dovetail Jig and 6 router bits ($350), Delta 8” Jointer model BJ-8 ($1,000). Also, he had various welding equipment and supplies for sale. They were all listed on a handout provided at the meeting.


Mary Ellen Lindsay displayed a relief carving of a rose. A color pencil and water was used to obtain the desired color of the rose.

Doyle McConnell brought an extension fixture he made for his table saw. It fit into the tubular rails of the saw and helped with the holding and cutting of large sheets of plywood.

Geoff Roehm brought his finished guitar, a copy of an 1869 model Spanish Classical guitar. The top is red spruce with spaulded maple inlay which has been book matched around the opening.  The neck is mahogany and the back Brazilian rosewood with satinwood binding. Geoff also mentioned that there is plenty of information on the Internet concerning the making of musical instruments and that the type of wood used has little to do with the instrument sound quality.

Maurice Ryan showed some items he had purchased on a recent trip. The items included a Cajun “quarter-pounder” and an apple recipe holder, made from a turned “apple”.

Winfield Bennett brought an arrowhead that he recently found. He mounted the arrowhead in a teak wood frame for displaying. .

Phil Bishop displayed some of his new “chip” carvings. He recently attended a 2-day “chip” carving class at Woodcraft in Knoxville. The class stressed the details of layout. Samples of his carvings were very detailed and intricate shapes.

Henry Davis brought a “Nantucket” bench made from walnut. It was a pattern he found in Woodsmith magazine. The bench featured through tenons, as one of the assembly techniques and was finished with satin varnish.

Chuck Taylor brought a peppermill and saltshaker that had been turned from apple wood. The pepper mill grinding assembly was stainless steel. The items were finished with Deft semi-gloss lacquer.

Jim Van Cleave showed a flower carving from popular with a walnut stand.

Dick Wollam displayed a detailed carving of a horse. The wood for the carving was popular.

Don Powers displayed an intricate carving of an owl perched on a limb and a mounting of beautiful chettum wood.

Ross Roepke brought a couple of boxes made from cherry crown molding, with one having a spalted maple top. He also brought a table made from mahogany. The finish for the items was Deft oil.

Jim Roy brought samples of his woodturning, including bowls made from spalted maple, bradford pear, holly and cherry. The spalted maple bowl was finished with water-based varnish and the other bowls were finished with Deft oil.


The program for this month was presented by Carmen and Dick Westwick and the topic was chair seat replacement. Carmen opened the program by discussing to various types of chair seat replacement. They included: woven caning, pre-woven caning, rushing weave and splint weave and woven cloth. She went into detail explaining that the type of chair seat replacement is dictated by the type chair being repaired. Most of her supplies are bought from her two major suppliers; H. H. Perkins in Connecticut and Vandyke in South Dakota.

The Westwicks emphasized that they would help anyone willing to learn to do their own chairs and would conduct individual classes for those interested in learning these skills. They also were willing to help members determine materials needed and would order material at their cost.

A sign-up sheet will be passed at the next meeting for anyone wishing to learn these skills to repair their own chair.


Refreshments for the meeting were furnished by Karen Kerce and Martha Taylor. 

Minutes by Chuck Taylor, Secretary