The Tennessee Valley Woodworkers monthly meeting was called to order by president, Ken Gould on Tuesday February 17, 2004 at 7:00 pm at the Duck River Building, Winchester, TN.

There were 72 members and 3 visitors in attendance.


Hats and Name Tags may be purchased from Henry Davis. Members are encouraged to wear these. 

Copies of club newsletter, Splinters are available for those who would like one.

Dues for the current year are now due and payable.

The Christmas Grand Door Prizes have been secured, which include the following:

A “thank you” note was received from John Lovett. John’s mother died recently and he expressed his appreciation to all for thinking of him.

Loyd Ackerman and Doyle McConnell represented the club in program presentations for the Noah Homemaker’s Club and Tullahoma Women’s Club earlier this month.

Dean Lutes and Andy Weaver are doing well with their new business and accept items for sale on commission.


Franklin County Library help: Tom McGill gave the status of our project to help with shelves and cabinets for the Franklin County Library. Our involvement has been delayed until sometime this summer, due to construction delays.

 Meeting place: There is no new information to be presented to the club regarding a larger meeting place.  The club will continue to evaluate the need for a larger meeting place, since the club continues to grow in number.

 Workshop / Seminar status:

Tree Identification: The date for the “Tree Identification”field trip, led by Bob Leonard, has been set for June 19th.  This should last no longer than 3 to 3 ½ hours.  The location is to be determined.  Participates should plan to bring water and wear good walking shoes. Bob will be assisted by a local Forrester. A signup sheet was passed to determine the number of attendees.

 Carving: The Carving workshop is set for April 17th.  This will be led by Billy May, who will be assisted by Mary Ellen Lindsay and Bob Lowrance. A signup sheet was passed to determine the interest and number of attendees. The location will be determined by the number anticipated to attend and will be announced soon. 

 Woven chair seats: Barbara Keen is still working on the “woven chair seats” workshop. The target date is March and a sign-up sheet was passed to determine interest and possible number of attendees.

 Sharpening: Bob Reece will notify the members of the date and place of the workshop as soon as plans are finalized.

 Club Exhibit: Ray Torstenson announced that the Tullahoma Fine Arts Center was open for space and reservation for an Exhibit/Sale in October.  The motion was made and unanimously passed that the 2-week period beginning October 10, 2004 be reserved for the club exhibit. Tom Cowan encouraged each member to commit to support this effort because it is very beneficial to the club to make a good presentation in the area. Members need to put forth an effort to display the best of their art. Start preparing now. The patio will be available for demonstrations.  General guidelines will be established for the exhibit, as the time approaches.

 Spring Finishing Seminar: Loyd Ackerman reported that the spring Finishing Seminar is confirmed.  The date is April 24 at the Forrest Mills church of Christ annex building. The seminar will be a 6-hour lecture/demonstration, beginning at 8:00 am. The lunch will be a catered meal.  The cost for early registration is $35 or $40 at the door.  This seminar will also be open to others that may want to attend. 


The Tormek Sharpening System, awarded as a door prize at the Christmas party last year, was auctioned.  The club had a standing bid of $300, with no proxy bids submitted.  The high bidder and proud owner of the system is Matt Brothers. The successful bid was $365. Congratulations to Matt. 


 Geoff Roehm brought a guitar that he is creating. It is a copy of a classical 1869 model.

The top is red spruce with spaulded maple inlay which has been book matched around the opening.  The neck is mahogany and the back Brazilian Rosewood with Satinwood binding.

Doyle McConnell brought an antique drawer to a chest that he is repairing/restoring.  He discussed the repair and replacing of beading around the drawer front. He also noted the unique method used to create and install the beading initially.

Ray Cole brought a beautiful custom newel post that he designed and made. He also brought a picture of a poker table that he had made.

Bob Leonard showed a sharpening fixture for lathe tools that he had made.  He also brought the first bowl, made from box elder, that he had turned on his new lathe.

Doug Dunlap brought a unique bread knife.

Dwain Adams, a member of the Franklin County Art Guild and guest of the club, showed his basswood carving of a teal duck with burned-in feathers.

Dick Wollam displayed his pine carving of an angelfish.

Dave Whyte brought a trivet made of a floor tile set in a wooden frame. He also brought a jewelry box with walnut inlays.

Chuck Taylor brought a complete set of ABC blocks made of poplar with a storage box that he had made for a grandson’s birthday.

Billy May showed a necklace carved for his granddaughter.

Crocia Roberson brought an album of pictures showing game boards she had developed to reinforce needed skills for children in various clubs and camps.  She also brought a unique marble chase and a wooden comb from Japan.

Kenneth Clark showed his luggage rack and a picture of the china cabinet that he has finished. He also provided plans for the china cabinet.

Ross Roepke brought several boxes with various inlays that he made for a charity auction.  He also showed a drafting tool that he modified and used as a scribe.  Ross highly recommends the nitro gloves that can be purchased through Harbor Freight.

Tom McGill brought a splitting tool that he had made from a leaf spring of a Mustang.

Newt Wright showed his design for a cat/dog/child proof toilet paper holder he had designed to prevent the animals spreading paper over the house.

Bill Duncan had mounted weather gauges into his own walnut display, which he had finished with a hand rubbed tung-oil.


The program for this month was presented by Briggs Paint. Thurston Briggs, owner of Briggs Paint and Decorating, introduced the presenters. Jeff Terry, Miles Moody and John Bowie of the Sampson Company presented the major portion of the program. They had a demonstration of the Aerosol can filler and explained the possible uses to get any special paint match put in the aerosol cans. A general discussion was held concerning their new products and the proper uses of Lacquer, Level All, and Polyurethane. They handed out various gifts for the members, including soft abrasive sanding blocks, caps, and brushes.


Refreshments tonight are furnished by Loyd Ackerman and Barb Keen. 

Refreshments for the March meeting will be provided by Don Miller and Karen Kerce.

There are still slots available for those willing to provide meeting refreshments for the remainder of the year.


Minutes by Chuck Taylor, Secretary