Doyle McConnell called the meeting to order at & 7:00 P.M. There were 48 in attendance.

GUESTS: There were 2 guests in attendance one of which Jim Acord from Fayetteville joined the club. The other guest was Jim Steadman from Winchester.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Doyle pointed out that Henry Davis is still taking orders for nametags. George Peckinpaugh won the Tormek Sharpening system at the Christmas party. The offer was made by the club to buy back the Tormek for $300 if George did not have a use for it. He will let us know at a later date. If the club buys it back it will auction it off since the club as standing offer for it of $300.00.

The Taylors brought the refreshments for tonight’s meeting and the club thanks them for providing them. Thanks to Andy, Richard and the Carters for organizing the Christmas party.

The sheet was passed around to sign incase we have a grand door prize give away again in the coming year. Jim Van Cleave suggested that we might use the money that would be used for a door prize to put on a professional seminar.

Ken Gould said that his Mother, who he brought to the Christmas party, said that the guy who looked like Burl Ives could really sing. Thanks Richard for your singing. Ken brought in the tack clothes from 3M to be given to the members that signed up for them at the time of the program given by 3M. Ken said that the January program would be on safety and that Nate Banks would give it and that he would pass on the info to Barbara Keen.

Harry May asked for a list of events and dates for the club in the coming year. Ken said that we would work on that at the coming Executive board meeting. Harry asked that he be put down to give a workshop on carving in May time frame. Any person willing to share their skills with the club should contact the officers and request a time frame.

Bob Reese said that the officers this year did a real great job and thanked Doyle for being the president.

Maurice and Ruth Ryan have volunteered to take over making the coffee for the meetings from Phil and Shirley Bishop. The club thanks Phil and Shirley for the great job they did this year.

Tom Gillard thanked everyone for donating items to auction to the Oldham Company, which they hold to get money for their needy families. Tom said items can be donated through out the year and contact him for this purpose.

Ross Roepke said he had rollers that can be used for out feed rollers and any one that wants some can come up and get them. He also has 2 quarts of Linseed Oil that he wants to get rid of.

The club now has 144 members and not 175 as Henry had said at the meeting. He is sorry for the mistake.

OLD BUSINESS: Doyle asked if Tom was present and he was not but we still have the old business of making shelves for the Winchester Library and would like to hear from Tom as to when he needs are help on it.

The Fall and spring seminars were a great success and the club thanks those responsible for putting them on. Doyle asked to give the new officers all the help they need in the coming year.



Joe Maierbacker put together an inlay kit that he had purchased. It was of the United States and it had all types of different woods.

Phil Bishop brought in a quilt rack with rungs that were square instead of round that he had promised Ray he would bring in for Ray to look at.

Henry Davis brought in pictures taken at Christmas party for everyone to look at. He also made a band saw box. He showed how he had cut out the ½ circles on the ends of the lid. He showed the jig he made for his band saw to cut out these ½ circles. He lined the inside with felt.

Maurice Ryan showed a Cherry candleholder, which he had gotten the wood for it from Tom Gillard's scrap pile. He also brought in a husband and wife carving that he had purchase when they were in Texas. He showed a Mallet made of Red Oak that he had turned in High School. He also showed a mallet that was Ruth’s Great Grandfather’s.

Bob Reese brought in a box that he made when he was about 15. It was carved and he made it for the girl next door that later became his wife. He also showed a Walnut Candle Holder that he made recently.

Jim Van Cleave brought a chair that was made by the Detroit chair factory which he had refinished and installed a new seat.

Ross Roepke brought in a cabinet that goes with the bed he made for his grand daughter. The back he made floating since he made it from solid wood and did not want it to split. It is made out of Mahogany. It was ¼ sawed, which is also called Striped Mahogany.

Bob Leonard thanked the club for giving him the award at the Christmas party. He brought in a pumpkin he made from eastern gall rust. He also showed a bird and snake made from corkscrew. He also showed a base with carved animals, outhouse and a farmer that was folk art he did about 25 years ago. He brought a Knife made of local woods and a sheath for it also made of local woods.

Hugh Hurst showed a natural edge bowl he turned out of Sassafras.

Phil Bishop showed a Walnut table he made ages ago.

Loyd Ackerman brought in a Maple bowl that he made. He also brought in a table made of curly maple, which he sanded, to 320 grit and than used Deft Oil on it. About 4 to 5 coats sanding in between coats. The front he laminated using a vacuum press and polyurethane glue. He thanked the club for the award given at the Christmas party.

Henry Davis showed the Miniature sugar chest that Tom Cowan made for the planes that were awarded at the Christmas party. They can be housed inside the chest or the top can be reversed and the planes displayed on the top. Henry thanks Tom for making them.

Billie May showed the Santa Claus that he carved.

Doyle McConnell showed the Cherry bassinets that in made in Nov. 1986 and it has brass tags on it for each baby that has used it. 9 grandchildren and 2 friend’s children have used it. He said it is now ready for the great grand children.

Bill Davis went to Aeromont in Gatlinburg and attended a router seminar while his wife attended a stain-glass seminar. He learned how to make 6 different kinds of boxes made with a router. He showed several of these boxes. He also went to a woodturning seminar in Nashville and he showed a Maple, Bradford Pear, Cherry and Walnut bowls that he turned. He power sanded a couple of the bowls. He also showed a round box that he made with his router.

Ken Gould thanked all the old officers for a great year that he really enjoyed. He thanked the entire years presenter, work shop givers and seminar presenter. Wished everyone a Merry Christmas.