The meeting was called to order by the president, Doyle McConnell, Tuesday, November 19, 2003 at 7:00 PM. There were 70 persons in attendance. We welcome a new member Jake Reddekopp.


Doyle thanked the Clarks for providing the refreshments and Phil for the beverages.

Henry is getting together another order for name tags so those that would like one please see Henry. He also has TVW hats at the low price of $4.00 for sale.

Doyle sent around the sign up sheet for the Tormek Sharpening system to be given away at the Christmas Party.

Henry said that at the last meeting the nominating committee had presented the names of the members nominated for office in 2004. They were Ken Gould for President, Barbara Keen for Vice-President, Henry Davis, Treasurer, Tom Gillard Newsletter Editor and Larry Bowers for Publicity person. Bob Reese asked that these members are elected and it was seconded by Don Miller and passed by the membership.

Bob Reese thanked everyone for their prayers and cards while he was sick.

Doyle announced that at the Foothills Craft show that their booth got best of show since Tom Cowan had brought some very nice furniture he had made.

Tom Cowan thanked everyone that supported the seminar and said that about 45 people attended. Doyle talked about it being a very professional presentation and he thanked Loyd Ackerman and Tom for all their hard work. He also thanked the church for putting on the lunch.

Tom Gillard said that Paul from the Oldham Company donates money from an auction they hold to needy families and asked that we donate items to be auction off for this good cause. Bring your items to Tom. The Oldham Company always donates items to be given away at club functions so we need to give them our support since they support us.

Ross Roepke said that his church had bought the tannery and they were getting it torn down. It has 12 foot by 16 foot by 40-foot beams in it. They are getting a guy to tear it down that will save all the material. He is doing it for the beams that it has. Some of them have 200 rings per inch.

Andy Weaver mentioned that he and Dean Lutes bought the Marugg Company and December 6th they will have an open house. The Dutch Bakery will also have their open house at the same time and we are all invited to attend.

Gary Runyon has woodworking equipment for sale. He has a table saw, torch, joiner/planer, Dewalt thickness planer, Leigh dovetail jig and a lathe.

Ken Gould said that 3M had sent him tack clothes to give to the club but he had forgot to bring them.

NEW BUSINESS: Andy Weaver is the chairman of the Christmas party committee and he made the following announcements. The party will be December 12 and we will eat at 6:00 PM. It will again be at the Nazarene church in Dechard. He would like the members to bring something they have made for the door prices. Also bring your favorite covered dish and your drinks. Plates and silverware will be provided.




Loyd Ackerman showed a 2-part vessel that he made utilizing the technique that he showed at the seminar. He donated it to the Oldham auction. He also showed a foot stool that his wife had purchased about 5 years ago. It had fallen apart when he had tried to use it. Do not glue cross grain since it will not hold and this stool was a good example of what not to do.

Tom Gillard a couple of months ago, had an order for a table to be made out of Cherry that the customer supplied. She wanted it stained Walnut and wanted a cock beading on it. Tom had Jim Van Cleave show him his technique for doing it. Tom brought in a board that he did the cock beading on and stained the color the customer wanted.

Henry Davis brought in pictures from the training seminar and the great outdoors event.

Ken Gould built 3 toolboxes and showed them. He sold all of the first 3 that he made and so made these and they also are sold. They have handles he made with his black smithing skill and the boxes utilize Sassafras liftouts and oaks sides. He also brought in a couple of pieces of wood that he challenged Billy May to make a carving from them.

Ross Roepke said that he had been given a lot of cherry molding which had some flaws. He made boxes to use for serving food. He made 8 for Christmas presents. He also made a pig shaped breadboard.

Marvin Moore had to make his grand baby a cradle and the baby came early and he had to rush to get it done. He brought in pictures of it and it is made to swing.

Bob Petry showed a piece of Intarsia carving he made. He had taken a class in it and this is the first piece he has made. It was made out of Western Cedar and Popular. The pattern told how the grain was to run and how to sand it. He used gel stain on it.

Ruth Ryan while visiting East Texas attended a wood carvers show in Taylor. She saw a lot of bird carvings. She brought back and showed us animal turnover. It will turn over and come back on itís feet.

Jim Van Cleave brought in a work in progress to the August club meeting and he brought it in again tonight finished. It was a table, which had a lot of carving on the edges and the feet. He has about 160 hours in it and had to make 5 different jigs. He was pleased with it and said he thought he could do another one in about half the time. He enjoyed making it and also made a serving try to match. He finished it with varnish.

Dave Whyte made two large vises which he stained Walnut. They can be used in any position on a table or bench and locks down with a peg.

Bob Beswetherick built a guitar. It was made of Western Red Cedar and Popular. He talked to Jeff Roehm before he made it about making the top book matched. It has 6 pieces in both the top and bottom that are matched. He put a lot of pressure on the top to see if it would split and it did not. He demonstrated the sound by playing a tune. It sounded good.

Bob Leonard bought a Winchester Knife at Walmart and he decided to make a wooden one like it. He brought it in and it has 9 different species of wood in it. He also brought in a box for the knife that he made. He plans on making one out of smoke wood. The face of the blade is made out of lacewood.

Don Powers talked last month about Chattam and he brought in a piece that he is trying to make a bird out of. He also brought in a piece of Chattam with a spalted Persimmon base that he made a work of art out of.

Billy May showed a Santa that he carved out of basswood. He also brought in a carving of the face of Kennedy, which he is making for a customer. He put linseed oil on it and it turned out darker than he wanted it to be.

Phil Bishop brought in a brochure of the antique dinning room suite he had worked on. It sold at auction for $101,750.00. There are also other pieces in the brochure that he had worked on.

Crocia Roberson returned from Iowa where she had went to an Amish community and visited J & K Creative Woodwork and Gifts. She said they had many beautiful things and she purchased a Kaleidoscope, which she brought to show us.

Doyle had to make 2 bed rails for and antique bed and the customer brought him the wood to make it out of. To be able to turn it he had to extend his lathe. After he turned it he had to plane it to be able to match the rest of the bed. He brought one in to show us.

PROGRAM: Karen Kerce presented the program. It covered the uses of gold leaf and how to apply it. She also showed how to use a faux technique to make something look like leather. She gave out a page of miscellaneous hints and another handout with step by step procedures. She demonstrated how both of these techniques were done. The handouts will be on the Webb site.