There were 64 people in attendance and Doyle McConnell called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Doyle reminded everyone that the club picnic would be Saturday at Fall Mills starting around 4:00 PM with supper at 5:00. (Come earlier if you want to go on a tour of the mill.) Bring your handcrafted items to be auctioned off. Henry said that the plant stand that was made by members attending his workshop would be auctioned off.

Doyle said that Phil Keen was out with a ruptured appendix and David Whyte was out with a ruptured rotor cuff. George Arnie passed away day before yesterday.

Gary Runyon brought in a couple of source books on industrial metal heating for anyone that wanted them.

Doyle passed around the sign up sheet for the Christmas drawing, which is a Tormek Sharpening system.

Doyle reminded the Clarks it was their turn for refreshments next month.

Doyle brought in some pieces of Box Elder that can be used for pen blanks for anyone that has a need for them.

Matt Brothers brought in a 5/8 by 124-inch band saw blade he found. He said anyone that wanted it could have it.

There is a big Cherry tree down on Collins Street piled on the street that if you are interested in it you might check it out.

NEW BUSINESS: Doyle said they had started work on fall seminar. Loyd Ackerman said that we would not get a professional to give the fall seminar as planned since we need longer to accumulate the money to pay a professional. We will use the extra money from the spring seminar toward the fee and will try to have a professional spring seminar. We will have a turning seminar for this Fall. Loyd passed around a survey for all members to fill out as to their skill level so that they know how to proceed with the turning seminar. They may have a beginners session and also and intermediate session and this would be determined by the results of the survey.

OLD BUSINESS: The club had their Spring Seminar and it was well attended and was very informative.

The fair building will be 16 by 20 made of rough sawed oak. The fair has most of the lumber and they will get the rest of the wood soon. Doyle will be calling on members next week to help with this project.

Bob Leonard reminds us of picnic Saturday and said that the club would furnish the meat and the drinks. He passed around sign up sheet so they would know how much meat to buy. If you have a comfortable lawn chair bring it and the club will have chairs there also. Please bring your favorite covered dish. It would be nice if someone brought Ice Tea. Bring something you crafted to put in the auction. Bring tools that you have extras of for the auction. Tom Gillard said that his friend had given him some circular saw blades to give away at the picnic.

Tom McGill said that the Franklin County library is in the process of expanding and making a children’s center for reading. He was approached about building a cabinet for the room for storage. This would make a good community project for the club to be involved in. The cabinet would be very colorful and about 24 to 26 feet long by about 36 inches high. It would have doors on it. It could be done as a learning experience for the club if enough people are interested. It does not have to be started right away and they can wait 2 to 3 months for it.


Geoff Roehm brought in 2 Ukuleles one was curly Mango, Brazilian rose wood and the other was Alaskan cedar. He finished with a mixture of nitrocellulose and Deft and French polish for the filler. This wash coat of orange shellac and let it dry and than dip rag in mixture and rub around in a circle. It will micro braid to the wood and be just the right color. He will see that instructions on how to do this are put on our Webb Site.

Maurice Ryan made a rod holder to use on his boat. It will mount on the bulkhead. He used PVC pipe and heats the edges and than drove a wine bottle over them to form the lip. Rods will not bounce out of this.

Bill Duncan made a plant stand and it has a smaller top than some of the others since he forgot to check his index on the joiner and the top ended up with a curve in it and he had to saw it apart and do the top over. He also put a skirt on his. He brought in the clamp arrangement he made to clamp the stand together.

Bob Beswetherick brought back the mandolin that he brought in last time. He redid the finish, which he is much more satisfied with. It is a sunburst effect and he used brown leather dye and thinned it way down. He sprayed the finish. He also played a short tune on it for us to hear the tone.

Jim Roy showed a table leg he had made out of Cherry.

Henry Davis showed the plant stand that was made by the members that attended his workshop. He asked that the members that attended sign it. He also thanked Tom Cowan for the assistance with the workshop.

Mary Ellen Lindsay brought in the plant stand she made at the workshop. It was made out of popular and she carved it on the top and the sides. She put a gel satin varnish on it.

Barbara Keen showed a plant stand that she made at the workshop. It was a Black Walnut stand with satin polyurethane finishing.

Bob Leonard brought in a scraper it was made from an old band saw blade. He made a holding jig out of wood so that he could hold the blade in while sharpening it.

Newt Wright brought in a clock that he had made out of Mahogany.

Doyle McConnell found a red maple tree and it was so big he did not want to get it but was out voted by his wife and Karen so he got it. He showed a couple of bowls he had made out of it. He also showed a pecan bowl. He also showed a bowl vessel he has started from a root.

Karen Kerce made 2 nice bowls out of spalted maple. One she put lace in the holes but did it after the bowl was done and left her a lot of sanding and hard work to finish it. Next time she will put the lace in before she is finished turning. She also brought in an old Cigar box that she made a top for and finished it.

Matt Brothers made a knock off from an antique spool chest for a customer. It was made of Black Walnut. Tom Cowan turned the legs for it since he does not have a lathe. He finished with Danish Oil and Deft spray Lacquer.

Tom Gillard showed a new circular blade that his friend Paul sent him. They are going to start manufacturing this type blade. He also sent him a laser cut blade to try and it is a lot quieter then a regular blade. He also showed a set of dado blades they make that cuts perfectly flat bottom and square dado.

PROGRAM: Ken Gould introduced Frank Sanders who had written a newspaper article and one of the things he says in this article is "where there is a will there is a way." He is 85 years old. He does not have a lathe so he devised another way to make bowls. He showed us dough bowl out of Buckeye he made and two round bowls out of Buckeye. He devised a mechanical jig to do the dough bowls and it has a router on it that hangs from a pivot. He swings this back and forth to rout out the wood. He lowers it as needed until he has the bowl the way he wants it. The router is small and so it takes quite a well to do a bowl this way. For doing the out side of the bowl he changes the set up on the jig and rotates the bowl in and out of the router.

He has another jig for doing the round bowls. He uses swivel for this jig. He does the outside diameter first and then comes back and does the ID. The fixture allows him to make the bowls the same thickness all the way through. He can adjust the router up and down. He uses different setups for the different sizes of bowls. He said he will try and do a drawing of the fixtures for us and if he does, it will be put on our web Site.