There were 58 people in attendance. Doyle McConnell called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

VISITORS: There were 9 guests in attendance and they were Emalou and Richard Huddleston, Howard Stines, Shen Davis, Debbie Jackson, Earl George, John Brester, Myrtle Dunean and Rock Ridenhour.

ANNOUCEMENTS: Steve Savelle said that he had gotten a lot of basswood from a friend and anyone that could use some should contact him.

Loyd Ackerman said that he had a friend that had a Biesemeyer Fence that was 7 foot long and he would trade for a short one. This is a new fence. Loyd also got a demonstration from L & S of their computer driven laser. He said that you could get them to engrave brass tags starting at $1.50 each to put on the furniture you crafted.

Hugh Hewgley reminded us that the Christmas party would be December 6th at 6:00 P.M. Please put on your calendars and remember this is a covered dish supper. He would like to suggest that each member make something small that could be given for a door prize.

Ken Gould reminded us that the Fall Seminar is this Saturday the 19th at 8:00 A.M. at Dean and Andyís shop. Asked members to pay their $20.00 fee tonight if possible and sign the sheet that they had paid. Also has map and instructions at to how to get to the shop for us to pick up by the sign up sheet. Ross will start out the presentation with measurements and layouts. John Sargent will do a presentation on segmented bowls. Dean and Andy will do a section on round pegs in square holes and Dave Whyte will demonstrate how to make tight fitting box joints. Tom Cowan will do a demonstration on how to make Dovetails and Dean and Andy will demonstrate their sawmill. It should take about 45 min. to drive to their shop. Anyone that wants to can meet at the Dutch Bakery in Tracy City and follow Dean to the shop. Must get there before 8:00.

OLD BUSINESS: Doyle said that we had a good representation at the Coffee County Fair. A few items were taken from the clubs exhibit. The fair board is talking about making a building for our use for demonstrations at the fair sometime in the future.

NEW BUSINESS: Tom Cowan said that the committee for nominations for office next year came up with the following people Doyle McConnell for president, Ken Gould, Henry Davis for treasurer, Tom Gillard for editor of Splitters and Barbara Keen for secretary.

MONTHLY DRAWING: Howard Vaughn won the door prize, which was a set of extension drills.

SHOW AND TELL: Jim Van Cleave brought a Walnut table for maps that he put together to show how it was done.

Richard Gulley brought wooden spoons he had made, 2 of which were put together with a wooden chain with each of his daughters names on them.

Tom Gillard Jr. showed a pen that was turned and which are a gift for the Boy Scouts and there will be 80-85 made. He also showed a top of a game table he made out of quarter sawed oak with a tar stain and a checker board in itís center. The table was octagon.

Loyd Ackerman brought a lamented curve piece that was made out of 5 1/8-inch pieces of door skin and with veneer lamented on each side. He said it was from a program Ray Cole had given on curved pieces about 7 years ago. He also showed a box he made out of Mahogany and said he found out the hard way that you have to lower your pressure on pneumatic guns when using on Mahogany or they would blow a hole through piece as he did.

Harold Hewgley showed a chip and dip bowl he made out of Cherry and sprayed with a water based acrylic finish.

Henry Davis made a keep sake box that had a drawer in it and was made out of maple with a spalted maple top. The lid has a space for letters or pictures.

Bob Beswetherick brought back his finished Mandolin made out of Spruce for the top, Canary wood, yellow heart, purple heart and popular. He finished with Tongue oil. The second Mandolin he brought in was made out of spruce, popular, African Mahogany, yellow heart, and Purple Heart and canary wood. He has 100 hours in each instrument.

Dave Whyte made 2 holders for scrappers he made. He made the brass adjustment by using a quarter twenty screw and epoxy on a brass knob. They were made out of oak and as usual they were both functional and pleasing to the eye.

John Brewster our newest member turned a bowl out of cherry. He also made a bowl out of DogWood.

Karen Kerce turned a bowl out of spalted maple and another out of Cedar that would have been firewood if she had not rescued it.

Doyle showed a Vase he had turned out of Box Elder. The finish was gloss polyurethane thinned with Mineral Spirits 60/40and wiped on while lathe was turning. He let dry between coats.

John Mayberry made a stool out of cherry for his daughter and he weaved the seat at the fair.

John Sargent brought in a guitar he made from a kit. It was Rosewood, Spruce, Epony, and Mahogany. A second guitar was shown that was made by Earl George completely out of maple.

Music was played on the instruments shown in show and tell and also a violin during our break and after the meeting.

PROGRAM: Billy May and Richard Huddleston gave the program on carving. Richard brought in a duck, Kestrel and a Wood Pecker that he had carved. Billy showed a white walnut mask, bass wood Dolphin, Mahogany dog and tree, dog and tree out of popular, cowboy out of Buckeye, bust of a man, wood spirit out of cherry and a mahogany deep relief carving of 2 men lifting a barrel. Richard uses power tools for his carvings and a carbon-sanding drum, which has a maximum of 1800 RPMs and is adjustable with a foot pedal. He bands saws the side profiles first and than puts back on with hot glue and than saws the top. He lays out with dividers. He saws out the head pattern. You carve the head to the round. You can order a study bill to use as model. This helps you to get the right shape. He uses a small bur for the feather pattern.

He does the tarsal feathers first using a knife he cuts straight down and than uses tarsal cutter to get the underneath wood out. Wing and tail are hard feathers and for soft feathers he uses soft stone to make them. He uses burning pen about a 1/3 of the way up on the feathers. Some of feathers are on the patterns but some are not. When he has body done he starts on the head. He has a book that shows all the eyes sizes and color. The pattern gives the distance up from the bill to center of eye. He uses dividers to set this up. He drills hole through for the eye and than sets eye in and puts hook on edge of wire and this holds it in. Uses plastic wood to hold it in also. He uses carbide tools. For little birds he uses ruby, diamond and ceramic tipped tools. He uses Acrylic paint for the colors and mixes shades he needs. He uses water to lighten color. He advises taking light cuts since can not put wood back on if you take off too much.