May Meeting of Tennessee Valley Woodworkers


There were approximately 63 people in attendance. The meeting was called to order by Doyle McConnell at 7:00 PM.

Visitors: Tom Cowan guest was George Harris from Winchester. Raymond Luster was also a guest.

ANNOUCEMENTS: Bob Leonard is recovering from a heart valve replacement and is doing well. Matt Brothers announced that he had a 6-inch pneumatic joiner for sale. Dixie Woodworks gave the club 70-chair backs and some seats and anyone that wanted some could pick them up outside. They also gave some chair kits that will be auctioned off at the club picnic. The fall seminar will be Oct. 19th at Dean and Andyís shop. It will be on joinery and the committee members are Steve Shores, Bob Laurence and Ken Gould. The picnic will be held June 22nd at Falls Mills starting at 5:00 PM. Bring covered dishes and lawn chairs to sit on. There will be an auction, so bring items you want to auction off. Benny's Woodworking will be there and will be selling things at discount prices. Alison Realty gave the club a box of moon pies for the evening break. Next month cabinet joinery will be the focus of the program and will be presented by Ray Cole.

OLD BUSINESS: Last month the bylaws and constitution changes were read and they are now ready to be voted on. The vote was taken and the new bylaws and constitution are now in effect.

NEW BUSINESS: No new business.

MONTHLY DRAWING: Winfield Bennett won the prize and it was woodworking clamps.


Sample of different types of wood from Costa Rica were brought in by Crocia Roberson. Loyd Ackerman brought in 3 jewelry boxes of different sizes that he built. He said he was inspired by an article in American Woodwork and made his first one 4/5 of the size the article showed. John Mayberry brought in a very old table that was refinished at the last seminar. It was cherry wood and they used tar and mineral spirits to dye it and Shellac for the finish. Ken Miller brought in a dining room chair that he built and said the various angles were a big challenge. It was made of cherry. Harold Hewgley displayed a bowl turned out of Paulownia. Tom Church brought a bowl he had bought that was turned and wood burned. He also showed a large cherry bowl he had turned from a tree that had a big lump on it and he used this lump for the bowl. Mary Ellen Lindsay carved a tweety bird sign out of basswood. She also carved a picture of a man and a dog from New Hampshire Popular. Ken Gould made an electronic Hawaiian guitar to exchange for a man making him a forge. It had inlaid frets. It was made from cherry from John Greenís basement and Maple and Indian rosewood. Jim Van Cleave showed a jewelry box with a figured cherry top and walnut framing. He also carved a design on the front of the box. Ray Luster brought in a relief carving of a bear and surroundings, 2 carved guns stocks and a carved picture of Martin Luther King with the "I have a Dream" carved on the side of it. It was done in Popular. Phil Bishop brought in pictures of an antique for which he is building the bottom and a 4-poster bed that he is making a canopy.

PROGRAM: Aubrey Lee Ogles from Manchester brought in his carvings to share with us. He is 81 years old and carved all of his life. He had a cup with an arrow in it. The cup was made out of Bowdock and the arrow out of pine. He brought many chains that were made out of various woods. He had a couple of pigs made out of black Walnut. He said his favorite wood was Walnut. He had a women made out of Black Walnut that he said it took him 300 hours to carve it with a pocket knife. He showed a turtle that he had carved after he lost his hand. He lost his had falling out of a Pecan Tree approximately 40 odd years ago.