TVWW minutes 3


The meeting was called to order by Vice-president Tom Cowan.  Welcome guests were Gary Runyon and Vic Vigdorth.

Announcements - Henry Davis will have a workshop on joinery at a later date. A sign-up sheet is available.  Bob Reese will have a session on sharpening in June.  The exact date will be announced later.  The 2000 exhibit is less than one year away.


Old business - The Belvidere Volunteer Fire Department annual Tractor Pull and Antique Power Show will be held June 5, 1999.  The club is going to participate and we may either display or sell at no cost to the club.  After some discussion, it was decided that we would rent the community room at a cost of $30.00.  The club picnic will be held the same afternoon.  Details will be worked out and printed later.


New business - None.


Show and Tell - Gary Runyon - Tool steel face plates at a cost of $35.00.  Penetrating lubricant at $3.00 per container.  Samples of forge welding of steel cables and samples of a Japanese method of forge welded metal.  The Rutherford County Blacksmith Assn. meets at Cannonsburg every Monday at 7:00 PM and they have a business meeting on the 2nd Monday.  Tom Gillard - a sample of magnolia that had been milled and finished.  Doyle McConnell - a turned bowl, bottle stoppers and a lighthouse that started out much larger than the finished product.  Louise Green - turned tool kits and a painted box.  Winfield Bennett - a carved basswood dolphin.  Jim Van Cleave - a bluebird house with the reminder that the bluebirds choose location not style.  Harvey Carter - a stool made at Tom Cowan’s workshop and a finished bowl that was started last year at the turning bee.  Alice Berry - a stool made at the workshop.  Maurice Ryan - a stool made at the workshop.  Doug Thomas - a stool made at the workshop. Each of the four thanked Tom Cowan, Doyle McConnell and Henry Davis for their instructions and help in making the stools.  Manuel Brown - a segmented covered bowl.  Jimmy Burr - a carved walking stick.  Richard Gulley - an oak wall mirror.  Ken Burgess - some samples of carvings from polyurethane.  Billy May - a carved walking stick, an Indian head in progress and two carved rams.  Ross Roepke - a cherry boot stool made for the hands on science centers benefit auction.  Steve Graham - Two relief carvings.  James Cook - a carving from an unidentified wood and a walnut totem.  Jim Roy - one of three walnut lecterns that he made for his church.  John Lovett - a cherry mold made for duplicating a glass vase.


After a short break, Jim Van Cleave demonstrated making mortise and tenons.  Jim was aided by Bob Eubanks who gave a short demonstration on a dedicated mortise machine and Henry Davis who showed a Craftsman jig that can make angled as well as 90 degree mortise and tenons.


Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM. Respectfully submitted John Green, Secretary.