February 16, 1999


Meeting called to order by president Loyd Ackerman.  Dick Westwick and Don Waggoner were introduced as welcomed guests.


Announcements - Dues are due.  Members who need help with skills are asked to refer to the list and contact the person listed for that skill.  Tom Cowan’s workshop is on schedule.  Bob Reese is going to have a workshop on sharpening, the date will be announced later.  The executive committee met January 26th to discuss the exhibit planned for the first quarter of 2000.  A club committee will be formed at a later date.  Club members are encouraged to submit names for the exhibit.


Old business - Doyle McConnell presented the club with two new 2 x 5’ banners in yellow and black.  They will be available for all club functions.


New business - Tom Church reported that the Belvidere Fire Department is having a tractor pull on June 5, 1999.  Our club has been invited to participate.  Tom will have a report in March.


Show and Tell - Tom Cowan - two collection plates, cherry and walnut, and a burl bowl.  Bob Leonard - a jewelry box cut on a bandsaw using walnut, sugar maple, holly and boxwood.  Bob indicated that he could use some help in tuning his bandsaw.  Steve Graham - a relief carving on a large cherry board.  Steve promised to bring the finished piece to a later meeting.  Henry Davis - Maple suggestion box for a church.  Billy May - an Indian head carving that he commissioned two years ago.  Jim Van Cleave - chisel handles, expansion bits and two of the drawers made in his three mini workshops.  John Sargent - a sharpening jig made from plans printed in SPLINTERS.


After a short break, Bob Reese presented an informative program on the characteristics of steel and its uses in woodworking.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.  Respectfully submitted, John Green, Secretary.