June 16, 1998

Meeting called to order by President Harold Hewgley.  Guests, Norman Becklund of New  Castle, Indiana, Buz Ackerman and son Steven of Huntsville, Alabama, were introduced.

Old business - seminar - Loyd Ackerman reported that there were 22 in attendance and it was a great success.  Falls Mill is scheduled for August 22, 1998.  Turning bee - a total of fifteen club members attended all or part of the turning bee at Tom Cowan’s shop.  Harvey Carter expressed thanks for the experience as did others who attended.

New business - Henry Davis announced that he is making a new list for anyone wanting a name tag.  Cost is $4.50 each.

Show and tell - Louise Green had two pens, a wine cork and a key ring made at the turning bee.  John Green showed a silver maple bowl, also from the turning bee. Don Helton presented a fretwork shelf with raised inserts and a fretwork tissue box cover.  Steve Graham showed a relief carving in progress.  Tom Guillard showed a wormy box and a cherry table with   ceramic tile top and a mid leg shelf.

Loyd Ackerman expressed hope that the club could have meetings similar to the turning bee for carving, scroll sawing, finishing and other projects that might have interest for club members.

After a short break Buz Ackerman presented the program on bow making.  Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.