MEETING 6-18-19

Meeting called to order by President Karen Browning at 6:30pm.

No guest

Committee Reports: Jim Jolliffe – Carvers meet 1st and 3rd Saturday 8:30-10:30am. Power carving seminar Saturday July 27th will be free. Doyle McConnell – No shop tours scheduled at this time.

Events: Club Picnic – June 22nd at Fall Mills start 4pm eat 6pm
Power Carving Seminar – July 27th
Tool Sale – August 24th at Decherd Nazarene Church
Fall Seminar – September 21st TBD
Heritage Days – October 12th Tims Ford State Park
Christmas Party – December 14th Decherd Nazarene Church

Karen reminded all that at the club picnic auction after eating to raise money for club.

Tips and Jigs: Carl Blumenthal showed pics of tape measures and explained different styles of ends and their uses. John Hartin spoke of methods of holding bowls on lathe and safety. He said do not use drywall screws with face plate as they can break. Also talked about using chuck manufactures screw. Showed examples of blocks to hold bowls. Doyle McConnell said use household ammonia to clean gummy blades. Jim Accord displayed a jig he made to drill holes at angle to make thread caddy. He said uses letter drill bit to fit dowels in holes. Richard Gulley had a 25 inch yard stick and explained use with radial arm saw.

Doug Dunlap brought a spalted beech bowl finished with wood hardener and lacquer. He also had a spalted pecan bowl finished with lacquer.
Karen Browning had a carved cottonwood house finished with oil.
Jim Jolliffe had a cottonwood bark house finished with spray lacquer. He will use in program.
John Hartin displayed a large bowl made from cherry crotch. Mixed linseed oil, poly and thinner for finish.
Steve Shores brought a few cottonwood bark carved houses finished with spray lacquer.
Doyle McConnell showed a mini salt mill he is making from plywood and walnut. Not finished.
Paul Jalbert displayed house sign with Keystone State shape and serving tray. Walnut with exterior spar urethane finish. Practice piece with solid object inside a transparent surface (olive in a martini glass).
Judy Bennett showed intarsia elephant with good detail work. Made with western cedar, maple, and walnut. Finish deft lacquer.
Chris Sautter had a shapely piece made from a 4x4 on band saw. No finish.

Jim used slides and samples for the program. He told of cottonwood sources and where he got his.
Overview of program: Features and benefits, tools, supporting equipment, carving approach and layout.

He explained thickness due to temperature. Jim discussed stop cuts and their importance. He displayed tools, and went through style, how mounted, access points and trees. Finishing and sanding or burnishing. Told of using paper sack for sanding. He uses deft semi-gloss spray, paint and stain.
Jim showed examples of his carvings and answered questions.

Meeting adjourned.

Addendum 2:50 PM 6-23-2019 -- LLA
Referring to the auction mentioned in the minutes above: The auction was not held at the picnic on June 22 due to the very low turnout. With about 20 members present at the picnic the members there agreed to postpone the auction so that a wider group could participate. The donated items were taken home by the donors to be used later. A discussion ensued concerning having the auction at the July Club meeting but since there wasn’t a quorum of the executive committee present no decision was possible.