MEETING 8-20-19

Meeting called to order by President Karen Browning at 6:30pm.

Visitors: Pete Whitford, Karen Smith, Bobby Keith & Sam Clark

Committee Reports:
• Jim Jolliffe gave information on the Carver’s seminar (power carving) held on July 27. Seventeen Wood Club members attended the seminar which proved to be a valuable introduction into the craft of power wood carving.
• Shop Tours- Doyle McConnell said none planned at this time.
Executive Committee:
• Possible future program discussed:
• Photographing your work for portfolio or to sell online
• CNC instructions
• Creating a spreadsheet to inventory our shop for insurance purposes
• How to sell your work effectively
• Ask for more ideas!
• Nominating committee was formed and will be asking for your help in keeping the club running smoothly.
• August auction raised $1,116 for the club. The committee decided to move the annual auction from the picnic to the August meeting next year.

• August 24th – Tool Sale – Decherd Nazarene Church
• September program: Christmas tree ornaments by Steve Shores
• October 12th-13th – Tims Ford Heritage Days
• December 14th – Christmas Party – 1:00 PM @ Decherd Nazarene Church. Lunch Pot Luck and gift exchange. Gift exchange is optional.

Tool Tips:
• Doyle McConnell discussed his way of always perfectly sharpening a knife. He discussed the making of a jig and discussed how the jig was used to insure success.
• Marvin Miller demonstrated the method of making perfectly fitting Dust Collector adaptors. He told how to use PVC pipe and heat to form the correct size adaptors.

• Fred Heltsey discussed a lumber yard that he recently purchased lumber from in Shelbyville. The company name was Trott Lumber Company. The address and phone number is as follows:
270 Card Rd.
Shelbyville, TN
(931) 684-0490
Open Mon thru Thurs 7-5
Friday 7-3
• Doug Dunlap brought a segmented bowl, made from oak, walnut and cedar. The bowl was finished with lacquer.
• Vince Zaccardi discussed two cherry natural edged bowls. He talked about how he “fixed” the crack in one of the bowls by filling with metal flakes and epoxy.
• Paul Jalbert displayed an “Artisan’s box” made from reclaimed lumber for Lem Motlow’s office. The box had old English lettering and was decorated with relief carvings and chip carvings. The handle was a hand-carved curved rope design. The box was finished with Danish oil.
• Marvin Miller displayed a “fluting” project. He discussed the process used for cutting the flutes around the small vessel. The wood was poplar and had a wax finish.
• Darrell Albert displayed a unique tray design made from curly maple. The tray had six different curves incorporated in the design. The finish was walnut oil.
• Gary Runyon displayed a grouping of threaded needle boxes. They were made from a variety of different wood including Osage orange, mesquite, bloodwood and bocote.
• Allan Odell discussed a group of carved and painted fishing lures he had made. The wood used was Diamond Willow.
• Chuck Taylor brought a large hollow vessel with a threaded top and a ½ size hollow vessel with the threaded top. The wood was maple and the finish was gloss lacquer. He also brought a small lidded box made from holly and finished with satin lacquer.
• Jim Jolliffe displayed and discussed two carvings from a recent class he attended. The Cottonwood bark house was finished with lacquer and the tiger carving was finished with paint and wood-burning techniques. Both items were carved by instructors at the class he attended.
• Mickey Knowles discussed a walnut bowl he recently turned and discussed some of the difficulties he had with cracking. The finish was lacquer

PROGRAM: Alan Hale – How to Safely Fell a Tree
Alan gave a very interesting presentation covering most all aspects of felling a tree.
Safety was the main theme throughout his presentation.
He covered all the essentials to down the tree in a safe and controlled manner.
His slides showed the proper process to follow and detailed every aspect from initial view of the tree until it was on the ground.
Alan’s presentation has been posted on the club web site under the “Articles” ; wood properties section.

Meeting adjourned.