MEETING 11/19/19
Meeting called to order by President Karen Browning at 6:30pm.
Karen informed club due to travel of program presenters we would have the program start the meeting. She had Carl Blumenthal introduce the program.

Bill Thompson and Wayne Stutter with Woodline. Wayne started out by showing a gear clock made using tools and jigs from Woodline. Wayne explained making perfect gears. He showed new dado jig and explained it's use. Told of new items. They showed items made with bits and jigs and of patterns available. Answered questions. They donated items to club: turning tool, 30 piece carbide router bits, and 3hp router. Discount available of 15% till December 22nd. Club members can get a 10% discount after using code TNVWW. Website woodline.com. Phone 800-472-6950.

Karen called meeting back to order after short break.
Visitors: James and Marsha Rice, Sam Clark, Carter Connerly.

Committee Reports: Carvers-Jim Jolliffe- Meet 1st and 3rd Saturday 8:30-10:30am at Jim's shop.
Shop tours- Karen spoke of shop tours held at Matt Brothers and Bill Guffey's shops.

Carl Blumenthal Tips and Jigs: Rust prevention and removable.
Larry Wendland said lemon juice will remove rust. Geoff Roehm explained use molasses and water to remove rust. Matt Brothers uses baby powder to prevent rust. Richard Gulley tip is drill holes lower side of garbage can to let air out when replacing bag. Marvin Miller showed a jig he made to cut the right angle needed and a jig for table saw. Vince Zaccardi had a broken fornster bit that resulted while using drill press preparing a natural edge bowl.

Karen told membership of suggested TVWW officers for upcoming year.
President Carl Blumenthal    Vice-President Gary Runyon    Treasurer Paul Jalbert    Newsletter Editor Richard Gulley   Membership Chairman Chuck Taylor    Secretary Jim Jolliffe
Motion by Jim Accord to approve officers as nominated. Seconded. Motion approved.
Christmas Party December 14th 1pm Pot Luck at Decherd Nazarene Church. Set up Friday 13th 2pm.
Gift exchange as in the past.  -- See Events page for details

Chris Sautter said trying to get grand kids into woodworking. He showed a tool tote made for them. Made of cherry with plywood bottom. Finish poly.
Larry Wendland had a pen and pencil turned with spalted maple. Finish CA.
Richard Gulley using CNC made a letter for a birthday gift and a neat push stick.
Geoff Roehm displayed a piece and explained using Vak Bond to do laminating job.
Matt Brothers showed pics of walnut king size bed made for customer. Finish danish oil.
Jim Jolliffe had pic of smoker cart he made of red oak with weeping myrtle handles. It has a fold down counter and 2 draws.
Gary Ruyon offered free glue brushes to members. Vince Zaccardi has free radial arm saw.

Meeting adjourned