• Vol 34 / Issue 06
  • June 2019
  • Editor, Richard Gulley

About the June Meeting

The June meeting will be at 6:30 pm on the 18th at the University of Tennessee Space Institute, room H111. Jim Joliffe will present a program about carving cottonwood houses.

A complete list of scheduled programs can be found on the website.


As I write this, it’s Tuesday, June 11. I’m normally sending out the newsletter by this time, but this month I’m just beginning. Maybe I’m forgetful, or senile or just a procrastinator. But it’s probably because I’m a forgetful, senile procrastinator! Let’s get started

Looking Back

Coming Events

Welcome to Our New Members

No new members in the May meeting.

Annual Dues

Dues are due. If you’re not sure if you’re paid up, just ask Paul Jalbert.

Tips and Tricks

Contact Carl Blumenthal if you have Tips & Jigs you’d like to share with the club.


April Show and Tell


Pictures can also be seen in the Gallery and possibly more (close-ups and other views).

Jim Jolliffe

Jim Jolliffe used pictures to show 5 porch swings he built using pressure treated pine. He explained construction.

Matt Brothers

Matt Brothers had pictures of new shop being built. It will have 2 stories with upper for storage.

Doug Dunlap

Doug Dunlap brought a nice bowl made finished with lacquer. He also had a segmented bowl of cedar finished with lacquer. Doug had jig for segmented bowls and explained using clamps to hold together.

 John Hartin

John Hartin displayed a unique bowl made from red oak burl finished with lacquer..

Judy Bennett

Judy Bennett showed an intarsia eagle she made using yellow heart, maple, walnut, and cherry. Finish was deft lacquer.

Karen Browning

Karen Browning brought a segmented bowl made during a 2005 workshop. It was maple and walnut with a lacquer finish.

Bill Guffey

Bill Guffey showed a bowl made of spalted pecan and finished with lacquer. He also had a peppermill made of cedar and finish with lacquer.

Richard Gulley

Richard Gulley said he will be running for Decherd Alderman and showed small oak card made on CNC. He also had a sign he made for Jack Kincella from walnut flooring from the Motlow House.

Links of Interest

This month’s internet link will get you a free PDF from Highland Hardware, “Great Book of Woodworking Tips, Over 650 Ingenious Workshop Tips, Techniques, and Secrets from the Experts at American Woodworker.” Check it out and maybe download it. A lot of good content!


Carver's Corner

The Splinters Carvers meet at Jim Jolliffe’s shop on the first and third Saturday's of the month from 8:30 am to 10:30 am. The shop is located at 201 Jolliffe Acres Ln, Tullahoma. Tools and wood are available at the meetings, just bring yourself and try your hand at carving!

The June program is focused on carving cottonwood bark houses. Also, on July 27th, the carvers will have a Power Carving Seminar at Jim Joliffe’s Shop. More info at the June meeting.

Sweeping Up

I don’t think I’ve shared these two T-shirts before. I trust you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.


The Workshop Is Calling Retirement Plan

That's all for this month. Watch out for SPLINTERS!

Submissions to the newsletter are more than welcomed. Send funnies, tips, or other content that may be of interest and you may see it in a future edition of SPLINTERS.